Bolton 5K Road Group told us about their upcoming road race on June 14.


Elizabeth, Kathy, Kristen, and Pam work out together outdoors every Tuesday and Thursday morning no matter what the weather.  They call themselves “The Morning Warriors … aka 4 Crazy Women in the Dark.”  In addition to working out together they also focus on serving others.  They want to do things instead of just talking about them.  Some examples of their service projects include: delivering meals and giving 40 kids in a school in Ecuador a package that included shoes their size.  Last year when the White family was seriously injured at the Boston Marathon, they raised a lot of money for the White family by organizing a 5K road race in Bolton.  It was a big success with 650 runners participating and $35,000 raised.  Although they did not plan on organizing another race, the next Bolton 5K road race will be held on June 14.  Money raised will be used to purchase clothing for children at the RFK Children’s Action Corps in Lancaster.  They will also install a Fly Zone that will have a ropes course and a zip line.  For more information about the Bolton 5K race go to


Next meeting on April 17 at Colonial Candies, 7:15 a.m., Matt Tucker will tell us everything you need to know about life insurance.


Membership question for April 17: Who is the President of Rotary International and where does he live?  Hint: go to



  • Elizabeth Edward, speaker
  • John Erb, Maynard Rotary
  • Kristen Fizgerald, speaker
  • Pam Kane, speaker
  • Jeff Loeb, Maynard Rotary
  • Kathy Romeo, speaker


Club Announcements:


  • Local projects:

o    Project Expo and PR Awards Dinner was on March 28.  Or club received four awards!  Laura thanked everyone who attended/participated.

o    Reality Fair on April 4 at the Acton Boxborough Regional High School went well.  Bob and RichG volunteered at the event.  Fewer students participated than at the Nashoba Regional High School but the students were really into it!

o    Red Sox opening day at the Stow COA on April 4 was festive.  Jim organized the event and Jim cooked excellent hot dogs.  The seniors had a lot of fun The Tcheering for the home team!

o    Stow clean up day was the weekend of April 5.  Laura and Barbara participated and found some interesting items such as canning lids for mason jars and glow in the dark plastic skeletons.

o    We received a thank you note for the donation our club made towards the purchase of an optical diagnosis camera that was used to test for glaucoma on Dick Manelis humanitarian trip to Brazil.

o    Another thank you note was received from President and CEO of Stop Hunger Now, Rod Brooks.  Our club donated $833.34

o    Wine tasting fundraiser with the Acton-Boxborough Club is set for April 24 at the Holiday Inn Boxborough.  Contact Natascha for tickets.  Head over to the wine tasting right after our Rotary meeting which will also be at the Boxborough Holiday Inn! 

o    Stow Springfest is scheduled for May 17 rain or shine. This event is good for recruitment and service.  More volunteers are needed.

o    The Board approved a $200 donation to the Nashoba Regional High School After Prom party.

o    Wings & Wheels kicks off on the first Thursday in June!

o    RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) Conference: The Board approved funding RYLA Conference attendance in June for two students.  We received three applications from high school sophomores.  Volunteers are needed to help at the RYLA Conference.  Contact Bob to volunteer!

o    Spirit of Hudson: Nanci reported that $5,000 has already been raised!  There will be two beer tents this year instead of one.  Advertising on Facebook has already begun.  Contact Nanci to help plan or volunteer at the event. 

  • International projects:

o    The Westchester, PA Rotary Club gave $3,000 in addition to the $3,500 they already donated toward the mobile dental unit.  Their new donation will go towards purchasing a sensor.

  • Foundation Minute: RichardS gave us an update about our progress toward our goal of each member donating an average of $125 to Rotary’s Annual Fund.  We only needed $70 in order to meet the $125/member required to get funding for district projects and international projects.  With only a little bit of cajoling, several members donated a total of $165!

  • Membership Corner: Nanci announced that she is asking each member to give a short talk about (1) what brought us to Rotary, (2) what keeps us in Rotary, and (3) tell us something about ourselves that we may not know.  Nanci will also have questions for us to answer!  The questions will appear in the Weekly Bulletin and Weekly Meeting Reminder.  This week’s question was to name at least three officers of our club and their roles.  Check out our website to see a list of our officers

  • Membership Minute: Cyndi King got started in Rotary when Therese Oliver asked her to join the Concord Rotary Club where Therese was president.  Cyndi likes all the things Rotary does locally and internationally.  Rotary is involved in making the world a better place.  She stays in Rotary because she loves the people in the room so much.  Cyndi told us something about herself that we probably did not know.  Ask Cyndi if you missed the meeting and maybe she will tell you!

  • Activities galore!

o    Wings & Wheels planning is underway.  Contact Laura if you want to help.

o    Stow Lions Club Breakfast with the Easter Bunny: April 13.  Contact Laura if you want to help.

o    Springfest: May 17 – Contact Chris if you want to help.

o    Women in Rotary 25th anniversary bash planning (summer event): contact Natascha for more information.  Save April 26 for a planning meeting.

o    RYLA support: June 27-29.  Bob also needs help interviewing students during the day.  Contact Bob for more information.

o    Spirit of Hudson: August 16.  Contact Nanci for more information.

o    Health Fair this fall!  Contact Jim for more information.

  • Dues news:

o    To cover RI and district dues, we’ll be increasing dues to $150/year ($75 semi-annually) starting July 1, 2014.

  • Laura has posted the Best Club award criteria and the updated 2013-2014 Calendar of Activities on our website


Other Club and General Rotary Announcements (Capitalized events earn points for our club!)

  • Rotary is getting a lot of international media coverage for the polio-free certification of WHO’s South-East region!
  • April 11: Concord Pops Concert 8 p.m., 51 Walden Street in Concord.  See Ron for tickets ($25 each).
  • April 17: DISTRICT TRAINING ASSEMBLY for next year’s club officers from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Royal Plaza in Marlborough.
  • April 29, May 28, May 30: Red Sox Rotary Night – contact Laura if you are interested in learning more.
  • May 16-18: DISTRICT CONFERENCE: includes a Stop Hunger Now event on Saturday morning.


Non-Rotary/public announcements:

  • The Stow Boy Scouts’ electronic recycling event is on April 26 at Bose Corp., 688 Great Road, Stow from 9-2 p.m.
  • Communities for Restorative Justice is sponsoring a movie, “Finding Courage,” on April 29 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.  Go to to register.
  • Trinity Church Congregational Yard Sale (Wattaquadock Hill Road in Bolton) on May 17 from 9 to 3 p.m.
  • Bolton 5K Road Race planned for June 14: Last year was an inaugural race to benefit the White family, victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Plans are underway for the second race.  Anyone interested in helping to plan, sponsor, volunteer, or participate should contact Mary Ann and Deb Kotlarz.  Jacky told us that they are applying for a Community Chest grant to support this event.  Proceeds will go to the RFK Center in Lancaster.



  • April 24: Jim Stone


Happy/Sad Fines:

  • Ron was happy that his daughter has the lead in the play, “Shrek the Musical.”  Opening night is tomorrow night!
  • Cyndi was happy that it is spring.  She was also happy that her daughter will be home for her birthday and Mother’s Day.
  • John was happy that his kids have talked him into backpacking in the White Mountains.
  • Barbara was happy that it is finally spring.
  • Bob was sad that he lost a high school friend.  He was happy that he is going to Rotary night at the Concord Band’s POPS concert tomorrow.
  • Mary was sad that her sister is gravely ill.  She was happy that all of her tutoring students’ scores went up ten points!
  • RichardS was happy after he read Rotary Foundation’s 2012-2013 Annual Report.
  • Nanci was happy that she went to the Red Sox game last night.
  • Mary Ann was happy that her friends are here.  She was also happy that she’s going to Florida on Monday.
  • Laura was happy that Tom Strurial is getting out of the hospital and going to rehab.  She was happy that she will have the house all to herself over the weekend!  She was also happy that it is Rotary award season and she has been cranking out the award nominations for District Conference in May.