Regular Club meeting via Zoom

Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley

September 17, 2020

Regular Club Meeting

Happy Sad: Bob- nothing too much; Chris S - got out of Massachusetts to NH and biked over 100 miles, 6 passes, had dinner with a friend and watched a bad movie, laptop screen broken; Carol - Mass Maritime not opened, Emily joining us through, had dinner with son and SO for first time since Covid - delightful; Emily - visiting brother in Maine; Rich - happy for a virtual wine and cheese tasting sponsored by Kith and Kin; Geno - Rotary is a family and he misses everyone; Mary - making headway on Global Grant/Malawi and very happy; Glen - got back from Los Angeles driving there then flying back, in 2 week quarantine now; Laura - happy daughter is in New Mexico working on the census with the Navajo Nation, sad for all co-workers living on the west coast (conditions are really horrible); Jacky - celebrated 30th anniversary, sister came for visit, visited mom, nephew visited Tulane 2 days before hurricane;  Ray - happy that the Malawi grant is reaching it’s end, his 19th Anniversary, wife Catherine hiked Mt Womback - her first 4000 footer! ; Susan - happy for school starting and going well, first day today on the bus - anxious about how that will go; Carolyn - golf tournament went well, Amelia’s first college test and it went very well, sad - two homeowners very ill and on a ventilator. 

  • Mask Donations - Million Mask Challenge.  Ours is arriving October 5th and will deliver to first responders.  If you know any first responders, find out if they need masks.
  • New Membership: Ron had a zoom about new membership last night.  Reach out and get a summary of meeting.  It was an excellent seminar on ways to talk about Rotary to others and how to ask people to join. 
  • Stuff a Cruiser: A bit stalled right now.  Will be a food drive, not a cruiser involved
  • Cards and letters: Got a great letter saying how much
  • Repair Cafe: In person is still on hold here, NY is doing some small ones outside.  Drop off model being tested.  Virtual cafe working well in other places internationally.  Some doing webinars.  
  • Backpacks for Nashoba school kids - Very successful and getting lots of thank yous
  • WHEAT - needing help with meal delivery.  Wheat-Clinton on line.  All packaged and just deliver to homes.  
  • Bolton Community Fund - 5K is coming soon - October 10 - fundraiser. 
  • Cabin Fever Winter Festival - Meeting to make some decisions soon
  • Veteran’s Day - difficult to find ways to help.  Maybe a drive-in lunch?  
  • Purple Pinkie Day Possibly awareness and an online donations
  • Dictionaries for 3rd grade in Lancaster Could still do
  • Rotary International Leadership - Wonderful opportunity to meet others and learn a lot more about Rotary and how it works.  Only $30! 
  • Healing Garden 5K is in progress
  • Karin Gaffney possibly doing Christmas meal at New England Center for Veterans
  • February 6th - Rise Against Hunger - hoping that will be viable by then. 

Guest Speaker: (could not make it so we watched a video instead on Toastmasters and the Rotary relationship).

Our speaker is Toastmaster, Ingrid Centurion. In a new strategic alliance, members of Toastmasters and Rotary will enhance their skills, broaden their networks and increase their positive impact in communities through a new collaboration. The relationship between the two organizations will begin at the grassroots level with local club members learning and working together.

Played video about the work between Toastmasters and Rotary International.