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Hello Former Mock Competition Judges,


Firstly, I wanted to send out an email and say hello again.  My name is Stavros Andreopoulos and I am one of the business teachers and DECA Advisors at Nashoba.  If you are getting this email, you have volunteered to be a judge for DECA in the past.


This time of year is extremely exciting for us.  Some groups have begun interviewing business owners and marketing managers, others are conducting surveys, some are using 3D modeling to design a prototype, and some are working on their business plans. We have poured the foundation of what should be a very successful year for us.


As you may know, the first competition is scheduled for mid January at Umass-Lowell.  For the 5th straight year, we have decided to have a mock competition here at the high school in order for students to get some feedback before we actually go to competition.


This is where I need your help.  We have close to 90 total presentations (some groups are as small as 1 person, some are as big as 3 persons).  All groups would present to one judge only.  The judge would be allotted 30 or so minutes with each group to listen to their presentation and look through the proposal and give feedback on their business ideas, their presentation skills, and professional appearance.


If we could get about 40-45 judges, each judge could meet with about 3 or 4 groups and we could be done in as little as 3 hours. All judges would be given a "judging orientation" upon arrival and appropriate rubrics to grade presentations. Please respond back to me at sandreopoulos@nrsd.net and let know if you would be willing to help us out for the day!


Nashoba DECA Mock Competition

NRHS Auditorium


Thursday, December 6th


2 quick announcements as well --

1) I have attached a "What is DECA?" Factsheet that explains our club a little better.

2) I have also attached a Sponsorship form if you or your business would be interested in donating to DECA to help drive down costs for students as we travel to competitions.


Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.


Thank you!



Stavros Andreopoulos

Nashoba Regional High School

Business Teacher

DECA Advisor

Chieftain School Store

Twitter @NRHS_DECA

Twitter @NRHS_MCP