Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Sep 07, 2017
Our club received the Club Service Award.  Congratulations and thank you to immediate past president Chris for his leadership.  
A packed house this morning at Emma's Cafe for the fun, food & fellowship of Rotary.
  • Speakers from FOCUS Youth Initiative in Kenya: Pastor Samuel (Founder), Anthony & James from FOCUS
  • Immediate Past District Governors Pat & Skip Doyle
  • Visiting Rotarian Gino
Good things happening!
  • Fundraisers to build endowment funds & ability to give money away.  This morning, Mary received a check from Brewfest in amount of $21,000. 
    • Thanks to all who made it happen, especially Jacky Foster. 
    • Save the date for August 11, 2018.
  • Bob Johnson was honored with 5 year Paul Harris Award pin.  Mary shared that our  club is one of the most generous and there is nobody better than Bob Johnson, who truly lives service above self.
  • Pat & Skip Doyle presented a Club Service award to Chris, after listing all the incredible work done in the community last year
  • Update on Afghanistan Global Grant – still a few steps left but money has been transferred from our bank account.  Total raised $58,005!
Super Star Brewfest Leader Jacky passes over the $21,000 earnings to Ron!
Upcoming events
  • Repair Café, September 23 in Bolton @ Sawyer School.  
    • Contact Ray if you can help flyering or during the event. 
    • On website, there is now a calendar of all those coming up
  • Habitat For Humanity Golf Tournament fundraiser– Tuesday, September 19 @ Shaker Hills.  Club will look to donate towards a hole.   
  • Wine Fellowship, Friday, September 22 @ Point Breeze in Webster. 
    • Efforts to bring non-Rotarians to expose them to what we do.
    • October 14th – organizational meeting for this group.  Potluck @ Laura & Chris’s
  • Visioning meeting, Thursday, November 2 @ Emma’s.  Mary wants & needs you here!
    • Every 3 years, we have the chance to come together as a Club to talk about where we want to be in future years and ee need everyone’s input. 
  • Purple Pinkie Day – coordinating with 3 different schools.  Around October 24th (exact date TBD).  Do not do a Monday because kids don’t remember over the weekend.
  • October 28th – Repair Café in Sudbury.  Championed by Howard Kendall who is trying to expose Rotary to that town.  Partnering with seniors and historical society
  • Dog Fest to support Clear Path Veterans of New England! 
    • Clear Path is building a community center on Devens for veterans.  While we don’t give money to build buildings, we will partner with Ayer Club on hosting an event to raise money towards a service dog (did you know it is approx. $15,000 for a service dog). 
    • Mary had 1st meeting with Clear Path – pending date is Sunday, April 29.  Chick Fi A is donating food for up to 2,000 people! 
Sad/Happy Fines
  • Nanci: happy to be a part of this group & to Jacky for incredible work for Brewfest
  • Carol: happy that son is okay after a bad car accident, phase 1 of office remodel done, it was a privilege to represent our Club as voting Delegate at conference in Atlanta.  Brought a flag
  • Chris: son is back at college & daughter is living with them now (which is the sad fine and which is the happy?!.  Happy that Stow Lions helped at Brewfest and asked for volunteers at an upcoming event they’re having.  Great partnership
  • Carl: happy to have met with President of 4 by 4 fellowship while in Africa.  They are working on international exchange
  • Anthony (guest): happy to be here and hear about everything that is happening.  We are very warm and welcoming, keep it up!
  • Pastor Samuel (guest): happy to be here and hopes we enjoy presentation
  • Brian: neutral fine to share Woofs Dog event at Elks in Hudson is soon (suggested to check it out), mother-in-law got bad news from doctor, happy that bruins tickets arrived and looking forward to more red sox, happy that Pat & Skip are here (who both have verbs in their name)
  • Glen: celebrated 25th wedding anniversary, mother is doing well after surgery for cancer and is home recovering, school has started for the kids and off to a good start
  • Jacky: sad about Texas and Florida (will we do something?)
  • Ray: happy about all the great things we’re doing
  • Gino: happy to see everyone
  • Ron: had a bad fall so isn’t usual self but on the men.  Sent son to college and looking forward to parents weekend
  • Karin: happy for all the great news.  If you ever need to get cheered up, just come to Rotary.  Happy that Sunday will be 6 years with Dana.  Grew up in Florida and thinking of family & friends
  • Bob: thanks to everyone for supporting Bolton Fair one of the best seasons! 20 month old granddaughter had her first transition from stuffed animals to real ones which was special to share with her
  • James (guest and his first meeting): he is sad his weekly allowance is gone! Rich gave him a dollar.  Happy to be here, meet us and know what we do locally and worldwide. 
  • Rich: very happy with the news last week of the furniture store who opened doors to displaced people.  The owner said, “it’s all about service above self”.  Our message is getting out into the world or he is a Rotarian. 
  • Skip Doyle: Missed Brewfest this year, sad we chose date for when they were away
  • Pat Doyle: Happy to be here and give award for last years work.
  • Carolyn: sister was diagnosed with cancer and has surgery tomorrow, please keep her in our thoughts.  Happy to have been able to finish ramp in Leominster in two days
  • Mary Ann: happy to be back and had a wonderful summer.  Congrats to Jacky!  Looking forward to grandsons sports events which will take up her whole weekend.
  • Laura: thrilled w&w is over!  Proud of our club who had 14 people help out during all hands-on deck night. Value is not necessarily monetary but pictures on social media has almost 1600 views. 
  • Leigh: for Laura & shared story about nieces who are growing up too fast! 
  • Mary double happy for being here today
Guest Speaker
FOCUS Youth Center: Families, Orphans, Children Under Stress
  • Pastor Samuel is also a Rotarian here and in Kenya for past 2 years.  Pastor Anthony, Samuel’s cousin and friend James, who support FOCUS attended
    • Expressed deep gratitude for being here today
  • Founded in 2012, legally in 2015 in USA | Kenya founded in 2000, legally 2002
    • Divided into two segments, one common goal to act to make a difference for these children
  • Every penny of every donation goes directly to FOCUS
  • Problems facing families, orphans and children:
    • 21% under nourished
    • 85% illiteracy rate
    • 39% unemployment
    • 75% disease burden
    • 5.9% HIV/AIDS (15-49 yrs)
    • FOCUS’s sustainability
  • Solutions
    • Kitchen & farming
    • Classrooms, tablets
    • MAKERS, sewers: goal is to be able to make school uniform because it’s a huge burden on families
    • Mirco-flush toilets: designed by Rotarian (Dr. Steve Mecca) is clean, simple & inexpensive solution
    • Social Education
    • Water sales, farm and animal products: grow crops, food and sell remainder.  Growing food leads to heathier foods = healthier communities
  • Rotary Grant Request includes the following aspects to meet the solutions above
    • Expand education
      • Build 2 classrooms ($17,400) & furnish them ($10,070)
      • Government gave land for classrooms, which is unheard of, but understood they good work
    • Build more mirco-flush toilets for two primary schools.  600 kids and only 6 toilets! Kids don’t have shoes and everyone is going to use the same toilets, over flowing and stepping in soil.  Micro-toilets promote handwashing, will eliminate odor and reduce disease by 40%.  They also protect nearby water sources.  Additional goal is to train two makers of the toilets.
      • Fund established in 2016, project has brought exposure to how they work and help the community
      • Sanitation Project creates employment and empowerment
      • 10 units at each site: costs include two schools and tools for MAKERS $10,000
    • Transportation to get orphans to school
      • Transport to get children to school and vocational training & social education.  Purchase preowned van $15,000
    • Expand vocational skills for youth, when they grow up they can be self sufficient
      • Farming: chicken, cow & goats.  Also sewing machines for MAKERS.  Equipment totals $5000
  • Total money to be raised $57,400
  • Accomplishments since 2002 include land donation from government ($50,000 value), first toilets donated, wifi donations, and much more