Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Sep 12, 2018
John Barrett inspired us with his cancer journey and the road to fitness for all, especially those who have/had cancer.

Club Business Updates

  • Brew Fest - $22,0000 raised for our club
  • Cori forms required from everyone for Nashoba. 
  • Assembly Recap - Great morning last week with a lot of updates and feedback.  We are on track for our vision.

Happy/Sad Fines

  • Leigh thanked Chris for saying she looks slim (down 10 lbs now)
  • Ron – new member orientation went well with 3 people from our club.  Good feedback so far
  • Laura went to 1st North East RLI and is sad for end of summer
  • Bill happy for last night’s new member event and is excited that on Saturday he goes to Florida for 3 weeks
  • Nanci happy for last night’s event as well  –it was  “unique and inspiring” (geared towards new but open for everyone).  She is training for a spring triathlon too!
  • Bob happy for Brewfest success
  • Chris took 6 boy scouts out for 53 mile bike ride, they did awesome!! Went to Davis Square and back
  • Catherine happy to be back to  a meeting but is sad that Lilly tore her ACL on 4th day at Skidmore
  • Ray is happy Rich is doing better and excited that one of his twin daughters is pregnant
  • Steve happy for Rich who is on Rotary rebound – wine fellowship back up and running this fall
  • Richard happy for Rich
  • Howard Oct 20th is Sudbury Repair Café looking for help, he and Ellen are looking forward to a trip to England & Ireland to see 92 year old Uncle
  • Carol happy that the magazine came out last week and is the “best ever” – they flew off the shelves.  Sad lost phone in office
  • Terry said Dan has to work so couldn’t make it but is happy to be here
  • Jacky happy for assembly and membership night.  It’s going to be a good week
  • Carolyn all 3 kids have started school and are happy!  Sad traffic started   

Committee Updates/Needs

  • Social /Service (Fatima & Jacky )
    1. Stow Community Dinner -  Sept7th (Jacky will be there).  Our Club night is TBD
    2. Lions Vision Screening (last 2 weeks in Sept & through October).  Specific needs will be shared soon but expect time frame to be during the day 8-12ish.  A nice community activity to help the kids.
    3. RFK Mentoring – More info coming soon. -Jacky and Katie playing phone tag.  Mentoring supposed to start in October.
  • Foundation/Grants -  Rich, Ray & Steve  
    1. 2018-2019 Global Grant Ideas are being reviewed. 
      • Kenya grant tweaks came in and will be resubmitted. 
      • Timelines being revised to give enough time
      • 2017-2018 Global Grant –Afghanistan from 2017-2018 is in middle of finishing annual report (due 9/20) $33,000 has been transferred  out of the $58,000.  Test of the money will be spent over the next couple of months
  • Fundraising - Howard
    1. Ideas presented at 8-30-18 Assembly. Next Steps are to delve deeper into how the top 3 ideas (Chili, Corn Hole/Pickle Ball & Bingo) would work
    2. Reminder that some people still owe dues
  • Membership (Mary & Nanci)
    1. New Member Dinner/Mingle was th eBEST EVENING with multiple clubs.  Great to learn about what others are doing.  Everyone should go because it’s fun and informative.
      • Bill loved the jeopardy game – been in rotary twice before but learned a lot
      • Gave out a certificate for someone to go to RLI
      • Next one will be along 495, instead of 95 in the spring.  Too much work and expense to have one sooner or more often
  • Scholarship (Howard) - Reminder that tool scholarship to Minuteman ($1000) & Nashoba ($2500) has been committed again by our club. Howard has been in touch with guidance department to remind them and share updated application.  Still looking for committee member
  • Interact (Carolyn)  - Met with Megan who is on board for repair café, veterans day, maybe purple pinkie day support.  Open House night won’t work for a table but club fair for students might instead.  No discussion yet about depression program (Friday).  Should she ask to be on parent board to share?
  • Purple Pinkie Day – Catherine will start to work.  Oct 24th is world polio day.  Center School and Hale are on board.  Carol thanked Chris for sharing ideas with all the zones $1 gets matched by Gates ($1 for vaccine).  He does $2 b/c his dad was Rotarian and had polio.  Can we get paper to do pre instead of post?
  • Repair Café – Ray & Howard
    1. See events calendar on website
    2. Littleton, Westborough, UMass Lowell and Dorchester coming up
  • General Updates –
    1. Veterans Day breakfast 11/12 in Stow.  Chris and Laura head it up. Assist Ad. General will be there so let’s fill the house.
    2. Reminder to send your volunteer hours to Laura for tracking
    3. Thanksgiving gift bags will return again.  More info coming
Guest SpeakerJohn Barrett from Fitness Friends

John is a pancreatic cancer survivor who shared his experiences going through treatment and the amazing support he had at Dana Farber.  After completing treatment, John, a fitness guru, was back at it and building his strength.  John shared the absolute importance of staying active (doing whatever makes you happy).  After leaving IBM, he became trained in personal fitness training and started Fitness Friends, a program designed to coach cancer survivors through fitness.  Fitness Friends is at both Dana Farber and the Healing Garden.
John’s biggest messages: cancer survivors are not just surviving but are thriving!  A cancer diagnosis affects a person psychologically for the rest of their lives.  And stay active even if it is a short period of time. 
Leigh apologizes for not having time to provide a more detailed overview of this incredible speaker.  Please watch Facebook video for complete presentation!

Calendar Review

  • Sept 7th - Service/Social  Opportunity 1st Parish stow Guest Table
  • Sept 26th – Rotary Means Business – Auburn
  • Sept 29th – Repair Café -Bolton – Sign Up through RCNV Website
  • October 20th – Repair Café – Sudbury - Sign Up through RCNV Website
Rotarian Partner Events
  • Sept 18th – Habitat For Humanity Golf Fundraiser – Shaker Hills
  • Sept 18-October 30 – Lions Eye & Ear Screenings.
  • October 7th – Rock The GazBar – 5K - (event to support Healing Garden)
  • October 14th – Ride To Thrive – Healing Garden 
  • October 18th – Wine & Whiskey at Devens – Habitat
Next Club Meeting September 20th – Guest Speaker: Kelly Whalen – Abby’s House
Please excuse any typo's -- i really wanted to get this out to you all - Leigh