Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Oct 17, 2017

Ayer Rotarians joined us for an evening meeting at Nancy's Airfield Cafe!  
Pledge lead by Mary
Words by Rich: be inspired that we can give back during challenging times

  • Bob Anthony, Wellesley Club President and guest speaker
  • Gino, visiting from Littleton
  • Rotarians from Ayer Club
Opening remarks/upcoming events
  • Collection to donate funds for Relief between now, through Thanksgiving.  Going to Rotary who will get funds where it needs to go.  Matching funds has been proposed by Board pending approval from Endowment Fund Committee.
  • Wine Fellowship planning meeting 10/14 at the Spears
  • Opening Day at Stow Airport, 10/14 from 9-4 with a Run Run at 1pm
  • Purple Pinkie Day in Lancaster 10/26
  • Visit to Dismas House in Oakham 10/27
  • Visioning November 2nd, new location
  • Global Grant approved and moving forward with it. Thanks to Carl Gomes for his leadership
  • District Grant just approved to provide fencing at Cultivate Counseling in Bolton
  • Dog Fest planning continues! 
  • Holiday Party Sunday, December 10 at Colonial Inn, Concord.  Joint with up to 5 other clubs.  Nanci spoke about how gorgeous Colonial Inn will be during this time.  Lots of fun and great way to interact with other Rotarians.
  • Time for singing and birthday cake to celebrate Rich Garcia!
Sad/Happy Fines
  • Chris & Laura went to movies and saw Don & Nancy
  • 2nd grandson due in 2 weeks (Ayer member)
  • Happy to be here for Rotary fellowship (Ayer member)
  • Son freshman in college, went to parents weekend and it went really well. Son said he made the right choice by attending Miami of Ohio (Ayer member)
  • Ron went to Concord club where Karin gave emotional speech (he was being facetious)– sad red sox lost – Farrell fired
  • Rich happy for obvious reasons (it’s his birthday!)
  • Leigh happy Healing Garden event is surpassing goal, sad her dog got sick in the car and happy spent time on Martha’s Vineyard with husband and dog
  • Nanci happy our clubs are together
  • Carol sad she was late, but, happy to have talked to a sad employee which made her happy
  • Laura missed seeing all little kids at stow lions event, thrilled to see old friends and meet new ones
  • Sarla happy with new job
  • Never been to meeting at airport (Ayer)
  • Happy daughter in laws mother was able to get out of Puerto Rico (Ayer)
  • Karin happy birthday to Rich, welcome to Ayer club and loves the weather
  • Fond memories of bread pudding from Nancy’s (Ayer member)
  • Carol & Ron for introducing district interact and enjoying it (Ayer)
  • Daughter weight lifter qualified for Olympics! (Ayer)
  • Volunteer at Sterling Animal Shelter and happy that they were instrumental in flying in 194 dogs in from PR
  • Dolores is happy to be working together on Dog Fest (event for Clearpath)
  • Going to Seattle soon (Ayer member)
  • Representing Littleton (Gino)
  • Don is sad because started running (1 for each sore leg)
  • Fun weekend in Killington (Ayer member)
  • Nancy is happy Columbus Day and apple pickers are finished
Karin Gaffney, District Governor, NEWS
  • Polio contest winner is from Ayer Club to go to Seattle.  Raised $12,000+ (matched by Gates Foundation). 
Guest Speaker: Bob A
Guest Speaker:  Bob Anthony, Founder of Adolescent Wellness, Inc.
  • Adolescent Wellness ia a non-profit dedicated to simplifying prevention of anxiety and depression.
  • 1 in 5 cases of depression are preventable
  • Ways to address anxiety & depression:
  • Bob shared his experience in founding this organization and how it has gone Global, through Rotary outreach in India & Puerto Rico. 
  • Nigeria & India, which have the highest suicide rates, have seen successes in adopting these processes
  • These programs can be delivered in the classroom setting, ideally in small groups, through 4 45-minute modules
  • One hope is to train teachers and discuss during school parent nights
  • Additional component is peer-to-peer instruction.  Students can find their own audiences.  Example is Wellesley students working together with Dorcester students.  Also ability to teleconference between countries; kids to talk with others experiencing similar difficulties and therefore feel less alone
  • What can this Club, and others do:
    • Become a partner through a $1,000 donation, which provides a consultant
    • Community Action planning
  • More info at