Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Nov 30, 2017
Two awards were presented to our Club!
Guests: Pat & Skip Doyle
Shout outs: 
  • Bob for getting new cords for projector - thank you!
  • Steve for proactively posting Veterans Day Breakfast on youtube & creating article
  • Carl, Steve, Richard & Fatima who are traveling to Puerto Rico to volunteer 
  • Karin for submitting Distract Grant proposal for Cultivate Counseling Project - which has been approved!
  • Karin for being scheduler -- reminder to share speaker ideas
  • Fatima for offering their home for our Holiday Party (Friday, Jan 19)
  • Well wishes to Carl, Steve, Richard & Fatima who are volunteering in Puerto Rico
  • Final collection for Hurricane Relief (our club will match up to a certain amount)
General updates 
  • Global Grant-Changes have been made and approved by the board. The application is in progress but not completed yet.
  • New connections being made with Interact-Citation award, Interact Teen Council
  • Dogfest planning (Howard work on sponsors) continuing-April 29th, ,
Upcoming event reminders
  • District Holiday Party @ Colonial Inn, Dec 10 (register online!)
  • Mock DECA Interviews at Nashoba High School, Dec 14 (several of us serving as judges)
  • Stow Community Dinner, Jan 5
  • Rotary Leadership Institute Training in Boxborough, Jan 20 (register online)
  • Pat presented Presidential Citation 2016-2017 (one of 2 clubs in the district to receive this honor) & acknowledgment of financial support to end polio.  She is proud of our Club
  • Skip is sad that Rotary made a mistake (by delay in getting the aforementioned award to us)
  • Rich shared drawing from a 3rd grader in Lancaster about Purple Pinkie Day
  • Ray happy to be here and lots of good stuff going on
  • Laura ecstatic about Thanksgiving baskets and thanks to all who participated (96 bags delivered), happy Stow Independent newspaper included Rotary Veteran’s Breakfast & happy they almost have an empty house
  • Ron happy to have been involved with delivering Thanksgiving bags, happy that article was published in Local Authority about the ‘sandwich generation’ (read article to find out what that is!)
  • Carol proud of our “mother club” and our Club for polio support
  • Rich glad for this club
  • Chris thanked Steve for posting Veterans Day breakfast video which highlighted speaker (who mentioned Interact and Boy Scouts)
  • Bob had a great holiday weekend
  • Glen was at Greater Boston Food Bank volunteering … great experience
  • Dan happy to be here
  • Terry happy to be a part of Club
  • Catherine happy to be part of Club, happy of new puppy, happy for full house of kids over the weekend
  • Howard congrats to Chris and Club for the award, and hopes to achieve again under Mary, happy he had great Thanksgiving weekend which ended with Ohio State beating Michigan
  • Carl happy for nice weather but sad that it means something is going on
  • Steve happy hurricane relief committee launching toy drive for Puerto Rico, looking for cash donations for flu vaccines and chlorine tablets (details will be emailed)
  • Leigh became auntie again to baby boy Francis Xavier, born a few days before Thanksgiving
  • Mary “just loves everybody”
Visioning Recap
  • Mary reviewed the process that 21 took part in – lots of brainstorming for 3 years from now (no idea was too small or too large).  Note that all ideas were jotted on paper around the room, by category, then all members placed dots on the ideas or concepts each felt was most important or relevant.  The dot process was an elimination and demonstration to show where, of all ideas mentioned, we would like to focus on above others
  • Categories discussed: Vision, Club Size, Attributes, Club Administration, Vocational Service, Community Service, Fundraising, Foundation, Public Image, Youth Service, International Service & Leadership Development
  • Action Plan already underway:
    • Glen compiled dot sheets right away
    • Howard/Carl/Mary already developed vision statement based on discussions
    • Having the post-visioning meeting now
    • Assemble a Presidents Development team to work on implementing the ideas that resulted – to be announced
    • Choose a Club Visioning Champion – Steve!
  • Mary reviewed results of dot process (see document sent by President Mary)
  • Howard came up with the winner:
    • The Rotary Club of NV is a diverse, youthful-thinking, action-oriented, fun-loving club servicing the youth, the elderly and the needy in our communities through collaborative partnering with others.  While focusing on service in the communities of Bolton, Lancaster and Stow Mass, our clubs acts upon significant service opportunities wherever there is need regionally, nationally and globally.
    • Discussion on adjustments – see below
    • The Rotary Club of NV is a diverse, action-oriented, fun-loving club that serves the youth, the elderly, and the needy in our communities, often partnering with others.  While focusing on service in the communities of Bolton, Lancaster and Stow Massachusetts, our clubs acts upon service opportunities wherever there is need regionally, nationally, and globally.
  • Mary’s goal today was to make sure we understood what happened during visioning.  What did people think of the meeting:
    • Howard fun, well organized
    • Catherine went in doubtful but liked the process, very well organized and meaningful
    • Leigh agreed
  • There is a lot we came up with, no way to accomplish it all, so will need to stay on task – take these things, figure out what’s needed and follow through over next 3 years.  The Team do this:  Ron (“the Godfather), Chris, Glen, Jacky, and Katie.  Steve will be our guide
  • Steve described what the group will do: monthly meetings, report back to Board.  Focus areas:
    • Categorizing
    • Bundling & prioritizing: Bigger than life items vs. more manageable/easy to reach
    • Noodling – discuss measurable strategy  
  • Skip reports that 23 Clubs have gone through this process.  One of the major problems is follow-through but he & Pat are dedicated to supporting Clubs through the years.  Mentors will now be assigned & yearly meeting held to discuss progress/how to get back on track if necessary. 
  • Chris wondered if we should do Facebook live.  Entire meeting vs. a portion?
  • Many liked thie idea so Chris will research more
  • “I like it, it’s 21st Century” – Carl