Leonard Bernstein, DMD, MPH, spoke about the imperative of early childhood education.



Dr. Bernstein compared the highly ranked Singapore public education system to the U.S. public education system.  In Singapore the public education system is top down while we have a bottom up system with funding coming from the local level.  More money is spent on public education in Singapore than in the U.S.  The top third of Singapore’s college graduates go into teaching while in the U.S., teachers come from the bottom third of college graduates.  Teachers are paid better in Singapore than in the U.S.  Teachers are highly respected in Singapore but not in the U.S.  Dr. Bernstein explained that through cost/benefit analyses it is known that there is a return on investment on education.  A better educated population has a lower crime rate and higher earnings.  Other research has shown that early childhood education is very important.  It is very hard for kids to catch up after they reach five years old and education interventions cost more for older children.  One study Dr. Bernstein told us about showed that childhood self-control (a skill taught in kindergarten) predicts: physical health, substance dependence, personal finances, and criminal behavior.  In conclusion, Dr. Bernstein urged us to be advocates of early education.


Next meeting on December 5 Colonial Candies in Bolton, 7:15 a.m., Grace and Richard Hebert share the story of their 100 year old chocolate business.



  • Leonard Bernstein, Rotary Club of Brookline, speaker
  • Allie Spear


Rotary and Club Announcements: (Capitalized events earn points for our club!)

  • Local projects:

o    Purple Pinkie Day – Students and their families from schools in Bolton, Lancaster, and Stow contributed generously to Rotary’s End Polio Now project.  The contributions are still being received and we have raised over $2,000!

o    Natascha is sponsoring a spa day on November 23 from 1-5 p.m. at Bolton Essentials to brainstorm project ideas in honor of the 25th anniversary of admitting women into Rotary.  Please let Natascha know if you plan on attending this event.

o    Warm Hearts of Stow – Families in Stow can use our support with the approaching holiday season and colder months.  Laura distributed envelopes to contribute gift cards for basic necessities as well as family activities.  Donations are due by December 15.

o    Stop Hunger Now – On January 25 we will package food for Stop Hunger Now packages at the Nashoba Regional High School.  The Littleton club and Nashoba Regional High School’s Community Service Club will participate.

o    A $250 donation from our club was given to the Raise the Roof project that will use the funds to put a new roof on an elderly Bolton couple’s house.  So far $7,294 has been raised for this $10,000 project.  The mold has been removed.  If you would like to donate to this effort, go to https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/kw93/raise-the-roof

o    A $250 donation to the Phillippines via the Rotary Club of Watertown will be used for Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.  A global grant request was made to the district for water filtration systems.  To get the matching grant, $10,000 needs to be raised.

o    Angels for Amy – a planning meeting will take place in January.

  • Congratultions to Karin!  She is one of two new district trustees.
  • Kudos to Ron for reaching the +5 level of the Paul Harris Society!
  • Framingham’s Rotary Club has an online auction opening on November 29, Black Friday:

o    Go to Framingham Rotary Club Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rotary-Club-of-Framingham/212527062115983?ref=hl

o    Click the LIKE link for the page – this will add the page to those you get a “feed” from when posts are made.

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  • December 2 is the next club board meeting at the Spears’ house.
  • December 8 is the district holiday party from 12 to 3 p.m. at the Chocksett Inn, Sterling.  Register for this event at the district website.  The cost is $30.
  • December 12 is a district MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE MEETING from 6:308 p.m. at the Holiday Inn at Boxborough.
  • December 14 is the District’s NEW GENERATIONS MEETING from 9-4 p.m. at the Holiday Inn at Boxborough.
  • We are invited to Littleton Rotary Club’s holiday party that includes a Yankee Gift Swap on December 14!
  • Laura reported that the Concord and North Reading Rotary clubs are interested in learning how we do the Reality Fair.
  • Laura has posted the Best Club award criteria and the updated 2013-2014 Calendar of Activities on our website www.nashobarotary.org.


Nonclub/public announcements:

  • Sunday, November 24 at 3 p.m. is the Sounds of Stow Festival Chorus and Orchestra concert at the Hale School, 55 Hartley Road, Stow.  Admission is $25.
  • The Stow Gobbler road race is on Thanksgiving morning.  Register at www.stowgobbler.org.
  • Need a daily shot in the arm or a smile? Sign up for John Dowd Jr.’s positive email messages, designed to help kick-start the day with an inspirational thought. John was one of our speakers and is a new member of the Worcester Rotary club! http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=eob5bgmab&p=oi&m=1112599889348&sit=r9ipwquhb&f=a28a014c-6292-46c5-baa2-875987b497cd
  • Sunday, December 1 from 10 to 3 p.m. is Gifts of Hope Unlimited’s holiday sale at 46 Anselm Way in Sudbury.  Proceeds benefit Domestic Violence Services Network’s Lawyer for a Day program.
  • On December 14 there will be an emergency services appreciation day at Minute Man Air Field.  There will be cake and ice cream at around noon!
  • January 25 is the next Bolton Repair Café.
  • Hector Constantzos, get well!  PO Box 451, Stow, MA 01775.



  • November 3 – Karin Gaffney


Happy/Sad Fines:

  • Laura gave happy fines for Kelly attending the Brookline Rotary Club’s meeting and for Ron attending the Concord Rotary Club’s meeting.  She was also happy that we are engaged with so many people.
  • Ron was happy about his visit to his old Rotary club in Concord.
  • Dana was happy about his upcoming camping trip in Maine.
  • Chris got a new convertible for his birthday!
  • RichG was sad because his brother is back in the hospital.
  • Barbara was happy to be hosting Thanksgiving this year.
  • Ron gave another happy fine because he was able to find a fresh 18 pound Butterball turkey even though there is a shortage this year.
  • Leonard was happy to be at the meeting even though traffic was bad.  He was also happy that the dinner at our meeting did not cost $45 the way it did when he spoke at a Rotary club in Shanghai recently.