Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Jun 01, 2018
Installation of Jo-Ann Bussiere - Jo-Ann represents Home Town Bank in Lancaster shared she’s our “link to Lancaster.”  We are excited and grateful to be able to deepen our connection to the community. 
Guests - Christine & Thomas Kinney
Mary’s update
  • Congratulations to Glen for his new job.
  • Mary shared thank you letter from Veteran’s Home during Rotary Serve Week
  • Global Grant for Kenya update - finishing touches being done by Ray for Rotary International.  Once we get final thumbs up, we will have 12 months to raise $27,000.  District will match up to $10,000, RI will also match funds ultimately providing over $60,000.  Jacky has been connecting with all clubs in the District to share the information.  Video available
  • Wings & Wheels kicked off May 31st – while we are not involved, please visit to show support and enjoy the event
  • 70 people visited Sudbury’s Repair Café
  • During visioning, re-visited style of meetings.  Decided to have 2 speakers/month with more opportunity for fellowship and service
  • Dogs2Vets Fest debrief took place on May 30th
    • The event was so successful that Clear Path in another state is going to do one!
    • April 27,th is booked for next year’s event! 
    • Gate income was less than expected but approx. $25,000 raised through sponsors. 
    • Different structure of organization will be implemented for next event.
    • Discussion to change venue but decided to keep on Devens but set up needs to be firmed up more especially for a clear entrance (will be a logistics committee)
    • Big space so need more people
    • Will head up registration next year
Upcoming Events
  • Repair Café in Bolton on June 2nd at Florence Sawyer School
  • Scholarship presentations: Two $2,500 scholarships going out to students at Nashoba Regional High School and one $500 to a student at Minuteman (Howard, Ellen & Glen the leads).  Almost all the funds we raise goes back into the community, and this is part of that.
  • Marlborough Rotary Club is having a recycling event for electronics on June 2nd
  • June 22-24 is Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), a weekend for high school sophomores to learn leadership skills (lead by students).  This year being held at Fitchburg State.  Volunteers needed!  
  • June 14, 6pm – Installation of Jacky Foster at Jacky’s home.  Please be sure to respond to the EVITE
  • Evening meeting location will be changed due to Wings & Wheels
    • Jacky is happy a friends daughter graduated from High School at Mechanics Hall.  They had been going to school at Parkland
    • Rich is glad that wood for new floor has been delivered
    • Carol put pins in the basket for those who have visited 5+ other clubs to take
    • Joanne is happy to be part of Club now to be involved in something community oriented & happy to hear Glen got a job
    • Trudy is happy that son-in-law (part time musician) will be playing at Nashoba and Slaters. Also happy granddaughter is graduating from Nashoba and going to Holy Cross on a 4-year scholarship
    • Nanci is happy that Joanne & Trudy are both here
    • Bob is happy for new members and sad to miss Jacky’s Installation because he will be babysitting granddaughter.  Ron quipped, “it’s BYOB (bring your own baby)”
    • Chris happy to be helping with Best Buddies Challenge, going to Cali for 10 days & welcome to Joanne.  Laura went out to mudroom last night, just as Ray
    • Steve is happy fundraiser for Lana kicked off and raised $1,700 (will go until mid-July).  Also working on saving/restoring church in Worcester and happy with the press.
    • Howard happy for cooperation with Sudbury Senior Center on Repair Café (Oct 20th)
    • Ron is happy her daughter graduates this weekend, sad that Bucknell doesn’t have a 4 year scholarship.  Last night’s Rotary Means Business was in Waltham, will be stepping down as Chair to step into new role.
    • Christine enjoyed RYLA awards ceremony with daughter & glad to be here, great way to start the day.
    • Thomas’s daughter has all the whirlwind of ending senior year and will be empty nesters
    • Mary happy to have Joanne & Trudy.  Also grateful to her daughter who is looking out for her & Rich (will install hardwood floors for them)
    Bandy-Hefler Exchange program - Christine & Thomas Kinney
    Christine has been a member of Bedford Club for 12 years – past president & currently RYLA chair.  Tom has been along for the ride, supporting Christine, and now a family member.
    Bandy-Hefler Exchange program is an exchange program with England.  This coming September, we are hosting couples and next Fall, US Rotarians will go to the UK.  Watch video they showed here
    As host, you house a couple for 3 to 4 days which sounds like a lot but goes by quickly.  It is fun show them your favorite places, go out for meals, and get to know each other.  Christine & Tom first hosted in 2015 and found they had a lot in common with their visitors, the days went by quickly and truly enjoyed each others company.  When Christine & Tom went to England, they even spent time with their hosts kids. 
    Rotary draws you together and everything else falls into place.
    Hear from Tom starting 54 minutes into Facebook Live video
    Looking for host Rotarians for September.  Can work out entertainment with other Rotarians from other states for visiting other states, beaches, etc.