Dolly Darozio - dog trainer - shared tips for training your "best friend."




Dolly makes house calls and offers dog training classes at Apple Country Animal Hospital in Stow.  She has had a lot of dogs become service dogs and therapy dogs.   To do dog training, you have to like people.  A dog is an extension of the person. Every day with a dog should be fun. Humans should always be the leader at the top.  There are many types of dog training.  Use a lot of food treats.  You don’t need to yell or get emotional.  Clickers can also teach new behaviors, because it is always the same sound. Dogs usually get something after three times.  You can tell what’s going by looking at a dog’s eyes, ears, and tilt positions.

Dolly showed off Sadie, who was adopted from a shelter.  Sadie was very excitable and did not get along with the two cats in the family even though she was advertised as good with cats. Sadie responded to several words: free time, bed, heel, wave, and touch.  She also responded to visual signals and was very well behaved!


Next meeting on May 8, 5:45 p.m. at Nancy’s Air Field Café, Steve Bennett of Skyline Flight – “Who’s In My Airspace?  Some basics about our aviation system.”


Membership question for May 15: Who is the current District Governor for 2013-2014?  Who is the District Governor elect for 2014-2015?  Hint: go to



  • Dolly Dorazio, Speaker
  • Steve and Millie Rothman
  • Sadie, bow wow!


Club Announcements:

  • Local projects:
    • Wine tasting fundraiser – please give Natascha money and any unused tickets
    • Stow Springfest is scheduled for May 17 rain or shine. This event is good for recruitment and service.  We will have a table promoting our club and a second table promoting Wings & Wheels.  We will also help with logistics for Springfest, especially directing cars to the parking lot at Bose.  More volunteers are needed.  Contact Chris to volunteer.
    • Wings & Wheels kicks off on the first Thursday in June!  Please sign up for the Nashoba nights!
    • RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) Conference: Volunteers are needed to help at the RYLA Conference over the June 27-29 weekend at Worcester State.  Contact Bob to volunteer!
    • Women in Rotary 25th anniversary bash planning (summer event): contact Natascha for more information.  She will send out a list of jobs at the next meeting.
    • Spirit of Hudson is August 16. Nanci reported that $6,000 has already been raised!  Print advertising will begin in mid to late May.  Contact Nanci to help plan, volunteer or find sponsors for this event.  Volunteer sign-ups will be in June for 2-hour shifts.
    • Health Fair this October!  Contact Jim for more info.
  • International projects:
    • Stop Hunger Now: Our meal packages have shipped to Cambodia: Foursquare Children of Promise International!
    • Natascha is meeting with a contact who was featured in the Rotarian for a hygiene project in the Dominican Republic.
  • Membership Minute: Lisa Trainor was our member of the week.  She joined Rotary because she worked with Karin.  She stays in Rotary because she likes helping people.  She has been married 21 years, has two kids and a dog that needs training, likes the beach and live music, and bowls in a league on Monday nights!
  • Membership Corner:
    • Nanci received a New Member Sponsorship pin for sponsoring Kathy Cataldo.  This is a new program and everyone can get on too!
    • This week’s question was, “How many Rotary clubs are in District 7910?  The answer is 53.
  • Member Announcement: Next year Laura will be the District Public Image Chair!
  • Activities galore!
    • Wings & Wheels: Sign up for Nashoba nights!
    • Springfest: May 17 – Contact Chris if you want to help.
    • Women in Rotary 25th anniversary bash planning (summer event): contact Natascha for more information.
    • RYLA Conference support: June 27-29.  Contact Bob for more information.
    • Spirit of Hudson: August 16.  Contact Nanci to volunteer.
    • Health Fair this October!  Contact Jim for more information.
  • Dues news:
    • To cover RI and district dues, we’ll be increasing dues to $150/year ($75 semi-annually) starting July 1, 2014.
  • Laura has posted the Best Club award criteria and the updated 2013-2014 Calendar of Activities on our website


Other Club and General Rotary Announcements (Capitalized events earn points for our club!)

  • May 2-4: Westborough Club’s Spring Festival starting with Dos de Mayo from 7-9 at Julio’s Liquors (Route 9), $15 per person.
  • May 16-18: DISTRICT CONFERENCE (Holiday Inn Boxborough)
    • Register online and get more info here:
    • Includes a Stop Hunger Now event on Saturday morning (same time as Springfest)
    • Laura will M.C. the lunch on Saturday, May 17!
    • Pay only for food: Paul Harris dinner on Friday, awards dinner on Saturday
    • Bring canned foods, donations for local food pantries
    • Rotary Expo featuring the 5 avenues of service on Saturday afternoon
    • Hospitality suite on Friday and Saturday nights (dessert and beverages).  Contact Laura to help.
  • May 28: Red Sox Rotary Night – contact Lindsay Dean or Jim McFarlin if you are interested in going.


Non-Rotary/public announcements:

  • Boy Scouts paper shredding event on May 10 at the Hale School in Stow from 8:30 to noon.  The cost is $0.25/pound of paper.
  • Trinity Church Congregational Yard Sale (Wattaquadock Hill Road in Bolton) on May 17 from 9 to 3 p.m.
  • Bolton 5K Road Race is June 14: Anyone interested in sponsoring, donating items to raffle, or participating go to  Proceeds will go to the RFK Center in Lancaster.  You can Like the Facebook page: “Bolton 5K Rally.”



  • Nancy McPherson: May 19
  • Bill Bosworth: May 23
  • Carol Toomey: May 25


Happy/Sad Fines:

  • Mary Ann: happy that her son bought a house and she has recovered from an illness
  • Carol: happy to be here, and she has plenty of makeups, happy to represent 2 zones in Brazil
  • Lisa: happy the Bruins are playing in  the play-offs and both happy and sad that her daughter is back home from college with all of her stuff
  • Jacky: happy and sad for the Bruins and happy for last week’s wine-tasting event at the Holiday Inn
  • Nanci: scared that she is babysitting a dog for 5 days, and the dog follows her everywhere
  • Chris: sad that his daughter has been home now for about a year and happy that he ran 8 miles in the rain to work yesterday
  • Jim: happy to get in contact with a president of a club in the Ukraine and now he needs to know more about incubators
  • Ron: sad that his daughter is on her first overnighter to Washington, D.C. for a school trip
  • Laura: happy for last week’s wine-tasting event but sad that it is Thursday and raining… with the hope this it is not a taste of what to expect this summer