Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Mar 08, 2018
Guest Speaker, Polly Mendoza (Neighbor Brigade Executive Director) shares the important work volunteers do in our communities to help their neighbors
Guests - Polly Mendoza, Neighbor Brigade Executive Director 

pening remarks from the President
  • Mary excited that word is getting out about Dogs2Vets event on Sunday, April 29th from 11a-3pm!  Catherine and Steve have worked to develop a nice website (coming soon) to see all the activities, donate, purchase tickets, donate, etc.  Mary visited the field, which is perfect for everything from food trucks, demonstrations, obstacle course and more!
Upcoming events
  • April 3 (correction from last minutes) Red Sox Opening Day at Stow & Bolton Council on Aging.  See Jacky to volunteer
  • April 5, set up for Reality Fair (see Laura for details)
  • April 6, Annual Reality Fair with sophomores at Nashoba Regional High School (see Laura to volunteer)
  • April 6, Dueling Piano's fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity at Deven's Common
  • Carol is happy that Mary & Rich are ok and we worried for nothing!  Happy for Nature Connection event last night
  • Carl happy for today‚Äôs speaker & that Global Grant has been submitted with a fantastic team effort
  • Katie just happy!
  • Ron shared the Wine Fellowship event was really nice.  Also happy how Nature Connection event went last night with close to 90 people
  • Bob was happy that a couple companies have changed policy on weapons
  • Ray is happy all good things happening with events and updates from our grant in Afghanistan.  Also excited to be going to Guatemala with Carl to volunteer/help install water filtration systems and talk to students about sanitation and hygiene
  • Steve is looking forward to next Wine Fellowship in June at Sonoma and April 7th earth day clean up in Worcester
  • Carolyn was so happy that people attended Habitat Dedication in Fitchburg, and that they closed on the house and own it.
  • Jacky knows who to ask to pray for her now!  Wine Fellowship was awesome
  • Leigh is happy to be here after missing some meetings and shared she is surprised that her cat was diagnosed with asthma!
  • Mary sorry for being late and loving all of our good events
  • District Grant change: Jacky shared that proposals must now be in by June 1st but rough draft needs to be in by March 10th.  Grants are now not limited to 1/year and no longer limited to $1,500.  Criteria will be changing slightly with the biggest change is that grants are no longer sent on a rolling basis but at the same time - decisions based on best use of funds.  Examples from the past include videos for Healing Garden, Nature Connection & Cultivate Care build.  Please share ideas with Jacky as soon as possible (ideas submitted so far include RFK School and Habitat For Humanity). 
Guest Speaker - Polly Mendoza, Neighbor Brigade Executive Director 
check for overview coming soon!