Michael Mills, president of Business Coaches and Associates, in Northborough, spoke about setting and reaching business goals.
  • Gino Frattiloni, Acton-Boxboro Club
  • Michael Mills, Speaker
  • PETS: There were 7 districts represented. The highlight of the event was a speech by Ravi Ravindran,president elect of Rotary International. This year’s theme is, Be a gift to the world. Note that the theme is not for PR purposes; it’s too confusing to the public to be known for one thing one year, then another the next.
  • At the board meeting, funds for the Healing Garden were approved. And a Stop Hunger Now food packaging event was announced, to be held at Solomon Pond Mall.
  • On Sunday, March 22, WICN (90,5 FM) will broadcast an interview with Bob Johnson and Ray Pfau about the Bolton Repair Café.
  • The problem with Gabriel Melo (the Gift of Life child) has been fixed; no date has been set for his release from the hospital yet, but it should be soon.
  • Reality fair: This year’s reality fair will be held on April 17, beginning at 7:30; a coordinator for the volunteers is needed. [Update: Rich Garcia has offered to be the volunteer coordinator.]
  • The Acton-Boxborough club is sponsoring an exchange student, but needs a sponsor. If we know anyone in the area, we should tell the A/B club. Their club is responsible for all expenses.
  • Katie Picchione, of the WPI Rotaract club, will be a discussion leader in at the international convention in Sao Paulo, and a closing speaker at the plenary session.
  • Our application for a global grant for the Guatemala rainwater harvesting project is in, and we’re waiting for approval; this will allow the completion of rainwater harvesting units in the village.
Happy/sad fines
  • Chris: has a new job! Before starting, he went to Sunnyvale, California to spend time with his son and to bicycle.
  • Carol: is happy to be here.
  • Laura: glad that the WPI Rotaract club will be at the PR Expo; and happy that Chris has a job.
  • Ray: sorry to hear about Rich and Mary’s house.
  • Brian: sad that today is the last full day of winter.
  • Jackie: sad about Rich and Mary’s house.
  • Bob: sad about Rich and Mary’s house, but happy for Katie.
  • Richard: glad that Mary could be at the board meeting; and happy that Gabriel is doing so much better.
Our speaker was Michael Mills, president of Business Coaches and Associates in Northborough. As a consultant to small businesses, “You can manage what you measure.”
Your core values, honesty, confidentiality, etc., transcend into business. Punctuality is a personal value; dependability is a business value.
Why are you in  business? Identifying this is the first step in outlining a statement of vision/purpose. Why should someone work with you? This is not frou-frou; it’s hard-headed business, and it’s essential.
Then identify a BHAG: a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. Where do you want to be in three years? It can be big, but it should also be SMART: specific, measurable, aggressive, realistic, timely. Once this has been identified, consider a one-year goal. What’s needed, by end of this year, to get to the three-year target (hiring, production, space, etc.)? Turning plans into actions then requires review on a quarterly basis; who’s responsible for doing what needs to be done? And then there’s the Daily Huddles: What are the day’s priorities? What are the metrics? What number from yesterday is being measured? what would impede our reaching our goals?
Our aim should always be to get, keep, and grow people; and to do what we do better, cheaper, and faster.
Next meeting
  • Club Assembly
  • Thursday, March 26, at 5:45 pm.
  • Nancy’s Airfield Café
    302 Boxborough Road
    Stow, Massachusetts 01776