Great Turnout at Our Quarterly Club Assembly!
  • Gino Frattellone, Littleton club
  • Ray: The repair café in Ayer is postponed until a later time. Also a bike workshop at the high school for the after-school program will be June 25. And the Westborough club is holding its repair café at the Westborough library.
  • Next week’s meeting, a joint meeting with the Bolton Lions Club, is on Tuesday at the Billiards Café in Ayer.
  • The following week (June 16) is our club’s turn to host our first Wings and Wheels event of the season.
  • Chris’ installation as president is moved to the evening of June 30 at the home of Jacky Foster; he will send invitations.
  • Carl: is the sponsor of a barrel drive for shoes for Haiti; each barrel will be filled with shoes made especially for third world countries.
  • Brian: A set of metrics and goals is being developed, to increase contributions to The Rotary Foundation. Our support is important, since the Foundation has funded our many local and international service projects.
Happy/sad fines:
  • Ron: happy for his son, graduating from high school, then going to Wyoming for outdoor leadership training and character building.
  • Mary Ann: going to a Jackson Brown concert at Tanglewood.
  • Nanci: happy just to be here.
  • Bob: has no complaints.
  • Leigh: bought a new bike this week, and having fun getting acquainted with it.
  • Dean: got Bruce Springsteen tickets.
  • Chris: On Monday, our club’s scholarship will be presentation at 7 p.m. The recipient is Camilla Bernasconi of our Interact Club. Also, he’s reached his sponsorship goal for the Pan Mass Challenge.
  • Gino: nice to be here.
  • Rich: didn’t lose his cell phone after all, but did leave it in Plymouth.
  • Laura: lots of family gatherings; and the kickoff for Wings and Wheels is tonight, hosted by Acton-Boxborough.
  • Carl; happy that barbecue season is here.
  • Ray: started a masters rowing program; is attending his 50th MIT reunion;  and this year his class is entering 3 boats in the race, the first class to do so.
  • Carolyn: hopes her son is graduating.
  • Jim: happy and sad, that this is his last meeting as president.
Assembly business:
  • Club officers for next year *2016-2017) are:
    • President Chris Spear
    • President Elect Mary Garcia
    • President Nominee Jacky Foster
    • Treasurer Alina Pirez
    • Executive Secretary Ron Bott
    • Secretary Rich Garcia
    • Director Karin Gaffney
    • Director Bob Johnson
    • Director Richard Simon
    • Director Laura Spear
    • Sargeant at Arms: two positions are proposed, one for the morning and one for the evening. Both are vacant.
  • Ron: Reimbursements for breakfast donation can now be given to the Rotary Foundation in the giver’s name.
  • Laura: The hangar where the Wings and Wheels tables, chairs, etc., were stored has now been given to the National Aviation Academy. Wings and Wheels has been given a storage shed, instead. Nancy has new equipment for ordering food and paying by credit card, to speed orders. And we’ve reached the goal of $10K in sponsorships.
  • Carolyn: is looking for June 16 volunteers, our first night in the rotation to host Wings and Wheels.
  • Jacky: reported on the Hudson Brewfest. We're adding a beer tent to improve the experience. The date is August 15. We’re encouraged to “like” the Facebook  page.  Flyers will be available next week.
  • Ray: Razia Jan’s first group of high school girls is graduating soon. Her next project is a college for midwifery, which we hope to support through a new global grant.
  • Ron: We’ve received all donation checks for the Malawi Malaria Spraying Project and sent the money to Rotary Foundation to complete the grant application process. This will be a $60,000, two year project impacting 20,000 villagers.
  • Jim: For those who missed the last morning meeting, the Guatemala rainwater harvesting project is complete; we should feel very proud.
  • Invoices will soon be out. Our dues are $75, plus an optional $12.50 donation to Rotary Foundation.