Richard Simon was installed as our Club President!



Words of Inspiration, John Dowd, Jr., Worcester Rotary Club

John described our lives as the two parts of a cross.  The horizontal line represents our earth journey in which we are thinking in terms of us, them, ambition, envy, lack, anger, regret, and winning.  The vertical line represents our spiritual journey which includes love, forgiveness, patience, and gratitude.  It’s the journey of our soul.  One way to move from the horizontal to the vertical is to pivot to a positive thought of gratitude.  If while we are driving our car, for example, someone cuts us off, instead of giving them the bird, wish them a safe trip.  It takes practice but in time focusing on our vertical lives can make our lives happier and healthier.


The 2013-2014 Year in Review Video

Richard showed us the video he made highlighting this past year’s events, inductions of new members, and speakers.  We were a busy club!


Outgoing President’s Remarks

Laura Spear revisited the list of objectives she had at the start of her Presidential year.  The overall goal was to keep the momentum going from Karin’s Presidential year which earned us the District’s Best Club award.  The sub-goals were:

·         Earn the 2013-2014 Presidential Citation award: We earned the Presidential Citation with Distinction!

·         Go for Best Club award for second year in a row: Check this goal as completed!  We did not win the Best Club award but we went for it and won many other awards.

·         Get at least 5 new net members: We got 3 net new members and we also got our first corporate membership with 4 people.  We also have potential members who may join our club soon.

·         Be able to fund donation requests, other clubs’ projects, and club banners: We had three major fund raising events: a wine tasting, Wings & Wheels, and the Spirit of Hudson.  Some of the money raised was donated toward: an epi pen, raise the roof, dictionaries for Lancaster third graders, breakfast at the COA, and the Nashoba Regional High School’s After Prom event.  Our club banners were purchased this year.

·         Sponsor and support projects that serve the local community as well as the world: we had a District grant to the Domestic Violence Services Network for equipment to start a local boutique that will raise funds for their Lawyer for a Day service.  Our international grant was for a mobile dental clinic in the Dominican Republic.

·         Complete our global grant project and implement our district grant project: Our global grant project is underway and our local grant project is completed.

·         Reach Every Rotarian Every Year and showcase the value of Rotary projects: Our club made donations for every member so all of us have Paul Harris credit.  Our club is number six in the district for per member donations.  We qualify to get more grants.

·         Obtain 501(c)(3) non-profit tax classification: This is underway.

·         Have fun!: We had many opportunities for fun at our meetings and events.  Laura highlighted several events that were fun for her.  In the end, however, each member needs to determine for themselves whether they had fun.

·         Make sure that every member of our club sees value in being part of this group and gets something out of membership: Each of us needs to evaluate this for themselves but Laura certainly did make a big effort to engage members in club activities.


Presentation to Laura:

Richard presented Laura with a plaque for serving as President of our Rotary club.  Laura also received a Past Rotary President pin for her to wear.


Rotarian of the Year award

Nanci Bishop received the Rotarian of the Year award! 


Installation of President 2014-2015, Richard Simon

Past District Governor, Bob Cassidy, began his remarks by praising our club.  He said that a lot of the things we are doing are unique.  Wings & Wheels, for example, is different and impacts different people.  A lot of people are impacted by our Wings & Wheels events.  Next, Bob told us that part of the reason that we are Rotarians is because of the impact we have on other people we may never meet.

          Bob said he got to know Richard through his work on the Dominican Republic project.  After receiving his Rotary President pin, Bob asked Richard if he was willing to lead the club, help get Jim Stone (our President Elect) get ready for his presidential year, and keep Laura on the sidelines.  Richard replied that he would do all of these things.  Bob gave Richard the gavel that he will use to ring the club bell at the beginning and end of each club meeting.


Incoming President’s Remarks

Richard put a big red bag on the table in front of him and said that it was an honor to be here and be President of our club for the 2014-2015 year.  He told us that our club is blessed with strong leadership.  Ron Bott founded the club.  Richard reached into the red bag and pulled out a man’s shoe.  Next he told us that Karin was a great leader.  Richard took a high heeled red shoe out of the red bag and placed it on the table.  Richard said that Laura had boundless energy and we had many service events last year.  Richard removed the matching high heeled red shoe out of the bag and put it onto the table with the other shoes.  To represent his Presidential year, Richard took a running shoe out of the red bag.  He said that he is not shy about filling the shoes.  It’s an honor and immense responsibility to be a Rotary President.  Rotarians act as lights.  They make good things happen.  For his Presidential year, Richard told us that his main goal is to lead and inspire us to do good works.  Richard said that Rotary offers people a way to move from the horizontal line of the cross (or plus sign) to the vertical line.

          Richard inspired us “to keep things going.”  We have a visioning exercise in September that will give us greater focus on our mission.  We will have service projects in the community.  We all need to find new members for our club.  Richard will make sure everyone is involved in service events.  We need to enroll and sprout new leaders.  We will look at new projects and do those that are in line with our mission.  During his Presidential year Richard plans to continue the effort to get an Interact Club started at the Nashoba Regional High School.  He would also like to partner with the Assabet Chamber of Commerce on a project.  We will also have a celebration for the 25th anniversary of women in Rotary.

          Richard thanked Laura for her fabulous Presidential year.  Laura presented Richard with our club charter.


Slate of officers for 2014-2015

President: Richard Simon
President Elect: Jim Stone
Treasurer: Ron Bott
Assistant Treasurer: Jim Stone
Executive Secretary: Ron Bott
Secretary: Barbara Myles
Immediate Past President: Laura Spear
Director: Carol Toomey
Director: Bob Johnson
Director: Nanci Bishop


Next meeting on July 10, 5:00 p.m.–11 p.m. at Mechanics Hall, 321 Main Street, Worcester, District Governor Val Callahan’s installation.



  • Dean Benedict, Assistant Governor
  • Bob Cassidy, Past District Governor
  • John Dowd, Jr., Worcester Rotary Club
  • James Kilgo, RYLA student


Club Announcements:

Local projects:

  • Wings & Wheels: Please sign up for the Nashoba nights if you haven’t already (July 17, August 7, and August 28) online, or contact Laura.  
    • BOSE is raffling off an AV20 aviation headset worth $1049.  We get the proceeds. 
    • See the website for rain cancellations, schedule, etc.:
    • We will still accept sponsors.  Contact Matt or Laura if you have a potential sponsor for follow up.
  • Women in Rotary 25th anniversary bash is postponed to the fall: Contact Natascha for more information.
  • Spirit of Hudson is August 16. Nanci reported that $7,500 has already been raised! Contact Nanci to help plan, volunteer or find sponsors for this event.
    • We need 42 volunteers to help in specific areas.  Nanci will reach out individually.
    • There will be 2 entrance areas this year and a Rotary table.
    • Additional help is needed for trash pickup, ice, and clean up.  We’ll also need help at tables in high-traffic areas to sell tickets on Thursday nights in mid-July.
    • Also contact Nanci to hang posters or post lawn signs in your yard.
  • Healthcare Fair on October 20 at NRHS!  It will be a Reality Fair with healthcare providers in attendance.  Contact Jim for more info.
  • Medium and small Rotarian at Work T-shirts are now available for $5.  Contact Laura.
  • International project:
    • We Are One project: Dr. Frantz Compere is getting the best prices for converting the interior of the truck.  Unfortunately, Dr. Compere and his wife both caught the chikungunya disease, which has spread from Africa to the Caribbean.  Chikungunya is an illness caused by a virus that spreads through mosquito bites. 

Non-Rotary/public announcements:

  • July 10: Minute Man Air Field runway ribbon cutting ceremony, 6 PM at Nancy’s Café.  The runway will be closed Monday, June 9 through Friday, June 20.



  • Chuck Budnick: June 22