President Jim Stone and other officers and directors (with Good Witch of the North) were installed by DG Jim Fusco
  • Jim Fusco, District Governor
  • Steve Glines, Assistant Governor
  • Rose Stone
  • Terry Hnatio
  • Jay Mayo, Montachusett Rotary
  • Rosario Rizzo, Concord Rotary
  • Brian Lisse, “Bridges to Malawi”
  • Cindy DeRuyter, “Bridges to Malawi”
  • Gino Frattiloni, Acton-Boxborough Rotary
  • Laura Spear received a Certificate of Excellence for her work in public relations on behalf of the District.
  • Nancy McPherson was made a Paul Harris fellow for her role in the Power of Change event celebrating the empowering of women.
  • Ray Pfau and Ron Bott were both named Rotarian of the Year for their work for our club, Ray for his work with the Bolton Repair Café and subsequent work, and Ron for founding the NRHS Interact Club and his continuing work as executive secretary/treasurer.
Richard Simon, current president, began a review of our activities this year, when he was interrupted by the Good Rotarian Witch of the North (Karin Gaffney), who took charge of the review and gave (gag) gifts to the various people who headed or played a major role in each project.
  • Chris Spear, for Purple Pinkie Day.
  • Ray Pfau, for the Bolton Repair Café.
  • Bob Johnson and Maryann Fitzgerald, for their work on RYLA.
  • Richard Simon, for organizing the Stop Hunger Now food packaging event.
  • Mary Garcia, Dan Hnatio, and Nancy McPherson, for the Power of Change.
  • Jim Stone, for the health care fairs for individuals and businesses.
  • Chris Spear and Mary Garcia, for a scholarship to a NRHS student.
  • Yvonne Addo-Piper, for the RFK Ropes Course.
  • Jim Stone, for the rainwater harvesting project in Guatemala.
  • Laura Spear and Rich Garcia, for the Reality Fair at NRHS.
  • Richard Simon, for sponsoring a child through Gift of Life.
  • Brian Burke, for organizing volunteers at Wings and Wheels.
  • Carl Gomes, for helping to organize the Wine Appreciation Club.
  • Laura Spear and Don McPherson, for their work on Wings and Wheels.
  • Jim Stone, for organizing the Red Sox opening day lunch for senior citizens.
  • Nanci Bishop, for her work with the Spirit of Hudson Food & Brewfest.
  • Ron Bott and Mary Ann Fitzgerald, for organizing the NRHS Interact Club.
At this point, DG Jim Fusco gave a message from the new president of Rotary International. The characteristics of integrity, caring, and compatibility augment us as human beings; our worth is not measured by how much we have, but by how much we give away. Jim Stone has been chosen by the members of the club to shoulder this responsibility. He was then administered the oath of office by Jim Fusco.
Next, next year's officers and directors of the club were sworn in. They swore to give the best of their executive abilities to serve the interests of the Nashoba Valley Rotary Club. Jay Mayo administered their oaths of office, and presented a “key” to the Rotary wheel and the ability to make the wheel turn.
Jim Stone then shared some thoughts. He expressed thanks to Past Presidents Karin, Laura, and Richard (to whom he gave a Rotary Past-President plaque). At the international conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rotarians from six continents were impressed by the great success of our young club. Our many service projects; the District Interact Chair, District Rotaract Chair, and District PR Chair all belong to our club; we’ve received the silver award for the District's Best Club this year and the gold award for another year. He concluded by hoping that these accomplishments may continue and encouraging all members to serve on committees and have a direct impact on the Club’s success. Jim was then presented with possession of the Club’s Rotary charter for the next year by Richard.
Next meeting
There will be no meeting on July 2, because of the Independence Day holiday. Our next meeting will be on July 9, at the Knox Trail Boy Scout camp in Bolton, at 5:45 pm. All are welcome to attend.