Posted by Rich Garcia on Jun 24, 2017
Bob Johnson models a NO MALARIA bib 
Guest Speaker - Clear Path For Veterans
  • Staff with us today
    • Donna & Scott leading business managers
    • Tiffany – spouse of veteran who was in service for 24 years, deploys all over the world
    • Dave – 12 year army veteran (5 combat tours), received purple heart.  Returned and went to school to get doctorate in clinical psychology - now devotes career to helping veterans
    • Ryan – unable to be here today but is the inspiration behind Clear Path New England.  Scott shared his story
      • Local 24 year old who left wife and young kids behind when he was deployed.  While he was deployed, he was survived two IUD explosions and experienced physical injuries.  As a result, he was sent home where he had a difficult time reintegrating back into his home life.  He was given a variety of drugs by the VA to address his injuries and it took 2 years to get help with alternative methods. 
    • Overview
      • On a path to build a 12,000 square foot community center for Veterans in Devens with a focus on:
    • Veterans helping community & vice versa
    • Holistic Healing opportunities
    • Collaboration with other service providers (ex. VA)
    • Partner with industries to provide richer employment opportunities that are moe suitable for men and women with visible and invisible scars
    • Address crime, homelessness, drug & alcohol abuse before it becomes a problem
    • ALL veterans welcome regardless of discharge status or service type
  • Dave shared his vision on re-engaging veterans with community and family.  He hopes to provide opportunity for men & women to rebuild bonds and address challenges that men & women face before they get into trouble.  This will be done by focusing on 3 areas
    • Peer Support/Community Outreach – connect with other veterans; someone who is further along in their journey reintegrating.  Expose to service opportunities to not only receive assistance but to give back as well.  Here, people will be expose to a group who share the same struggles
    • Warrior Reset/Wellness – Organized recreation activities provide unique opportunities for Veterans and their families to explore new experiences that support mental health and well-being whether they are connecting through nature based programs or competing in team physical activities.
    • Dogs to Vets – assist in lessening time to adopt a dog.  Many veterans have significant waits due to resources.  Plans to work with Middlesex House of Corrections
    • For more detailed information on these visit
  • Open discussion
    • Any time someone serves, it is an admirable thing and we have the capacity to solve some of these epidemics (homelessness, incarceration & drug addiction).
    • The reason behind building to suit, as opposed to renting space, was deliberate.  The reason being that it is important to have a “home away from home” for veterans and a space for people to call their own.
    • Working closely with New York to model this space, and its purpose, off of their work.