Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Jun 01, 2017
Rotarians gathered to catch up on the year and discuss new ideas
Howard led Pledge
Bob shared that Rotarians are not eligible for certain grants and reminded it is up to us to find those who are eligible
  • Alina: happy it’s been cold because a/c is broken at the bank and it’s still been almost 80 degrees
  • Laura: happy for 8-day trip to Yellowstone and more; perfect time of year before tourists and new animals born.  Also stressed that wings & wheels starts tonight
  • Carl: leaves on Tuesday for a month in South Africa!
  • Rich: sad for her daughter who was laid off because of new CEO
  • Ray: happy/sad in middle of bathroom remodel
  • Bob: happy he had the chance to visit JFK Museum on 100th birthday; impressed with all JFK accomplished in less than 1 term
  • Katie: happy to go to high school graduation tonight for girl she used to babysit & starting vacation!
  • Ron: another successful Rotary Means Business in Worcester, celebrated 25th wedding anniversary with Jeanne & sad for Glenn who had his appendix out and will be laid up for a few days
  • Carol: got up early but dropped a bottle of nail polish on the floor which is why she was late
  • Howard: happy to be member of Rotary which does great work internationally but sad to see the country may be pulling out of climate agreement.  Also happy that over Memorial Day, he went to the Hanover Theater for the first time to see Motown the Musical
  • Leigh: happy sun is out but sad she didn’t bring sunglasses
  • Chris: enjoyed great week on trip with Laura & his sister
Global grants
  • From May 18 meeting where we learned about mosquito spraying: Chris shared that we have saved as many lives as there are kids in Stow and part of Lancaster
  • Working with Carl on some upcoming options
Million Dollar Dinner/100th birthday
  • Carol, Ron & Carl attended and shared that it was hosted in a beautiful space (Mechanics Hall) & overall a nice evening.  Deanne, one of the International Directors from Canada, was an outstanding speaker
Tonight is kick off for Wings &Wheels!
  • Our clubs first night to volunteer is June 15, followed by Aug 3, Aug 24.  We have an extra night this year on Aug 31 which all clubs will assist
  • See Carolyn to volunteer or sign up on google doc which has been set
  • Thank you to Chris, Howard & Leigh for signing up
Upcoming Event/Reminders
  • First Parish Church (353 Great Rd, Stow) community dinner is this Friday. 
    • Chris signed our group up for clean-up.  Arrive at 5:30. 
    • Our Club has also donated $700
      • Kids Pan Mass Challenge Ride: we donated $100
      • Carol shared that we will get $300 from ticket sales to last months wine event put on by Acton Boxborough (these funds will help with club overhead).
    • Lower attendance than in past years & fewer sponsors.  Discussed how to all pitch in next year to grow
      • Next week’s evening meeting will be at the Stow Library, 2nd floor, 19 Crescent St
      • June 10-14: Rotary International Rotary Convention. Carol, Laura & Chris attending
  • RYLA June 23-25 @ Fitchburg State: looking for volunteers for any amount of time you can, especially Sunday morning because they’re doing a Reality Fair
  • July 15: Installation of Karin & Mary
    • To keep costs down; Rich asked that people adopt a table to provide a vase of flowers
  • Aug 12: Spirit of Hudson Brewfest
    • Extra restaurants on board & new breweries on board
    • Will need lots of volunteers (see Jacky)
    • New location: Elks (weather doesn’t matter anymore)
    • All 21+ because food & beer together now
    • Group tickets for companies if you know of groups wanting to attend
    • Greg Hill will be announcing it on WAAF with chance to win free tickets
Repair Café Updates from Ray
  • 61 guests at last one, biggest yet!
  • Sept 23 or Sept 30 will be next one in Stow
  • Repair Cafes continue to expand, Littleton, Leominster, Salem & more!
Polio Updates from Carol – we are in single digits for 2017! 
Open Discussion
  • Katie talked about RFK School:
    • August 4: Heritage Country Club fundraiser event (100% goes back to kids)
    • Any other ideas to help kids? 
      • Building renovation will be 8-months.  Kids required to help build once de-leading complete, considering having a Rotarian pair up with a kid to work on a project
      • Do another collection drive?
  • Shelter Box – Howard wondered if we have participated as a group
  • Dana, Karin’s husband, is connected
  • $1,000 creates a package (we have donated in the past)
Bigger picture of all of this!  Chris shared how proud he is of our cooperative spirit
  • Provide a Global Grant every year (Ex. Malawi, Razia Provide District grant every year) and a District Grant (ex. videos for Healing Garden, Nature Connection, Domestic Violence)
  • Our club has worked hard to raise funds through events and individual giving and benefited a lot from foundation.  Our club has more Paul Harris Society members than any other in the District