Christy Barbee from Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ) and Detective Mike Sallese, Stow Police Department



Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ),, is a nonprofit diversion program with accountability for offenders. Although used around the world, this particular program originated in Concord and has expanded into neighboring communities. The Stow Police Department believes in it and actively uses it.

C4RJ works with local police departments in cases where the victim and offender meet to discuss a crime as an alternative to prosecution. The offender must be willing to participate, and the discussion includes why the offender did what he or she did and how the victim felt about it. The program is all about the person harmed getting what he or she needs and includes consequences for the offender.  It is used for many types of crime, ranging from minor crimes to assault and battery and breaking and entering, and shoplifting is one of the more common crimes.  About 95% of the cases involve kids and young adults from the age of 11 to 24. It has a fairly high success rate of non-recidivism and gives the victim more timely resolution versus traditional prosecution.

No meeting on August 1.  Instead, attend Wings & Wheels at the Minute Man Airfield!  (Volunteers arrive at 3:30 p.m. Wings & Wheels opens at 5 p.m.)



  • Christy Barbee, Communities for Restorative Justice
  • Detective Mike Sallese, Stow Police Department
  • Diane O’Neill, Nashoba Regional High School

Rotary and Club Announcements:

  • Laura passed out an updated 2013-2014 club brochure.

  • There is a new district newsletter. Please contact Laura if you want to include any news.

  • Dues are due. See Jim for payment or questions.

  • Community service/Interact club: Diane O’Neill, one of the Nashoba Region High School Wellness teachers, attended our meeting. She has agreed to serve as an adviser for the community service/Interact club in the fall. She is still planning how the club will shape and has been in contact with Karin and Rich.

  • Spirit of Hudson food and beer fest is August 17, featuring 21 restaurants and 80+ beers under two large tents. This is another fundraiser for our club--we will get half the proceeds. Please contact Nanci Bishop to buy tickets. They are also available online and are less expensive if you buy them in advance:

  • Laura handed out the 2013-2014 club goals and calendar. Please use this as a starting point. Let her know if you have additional projects, activities, or events you would like to do!

  • Laura is looking for help for our local district grant to benefit the Domestic Violence Services Network. In particular, we need help working with DVSN in starting up a new retail space that will benefit their Lawyer for a Day program and for an October public event at the Westford Regency. Contact Laura if you are interested in helping.

  • Chris is looking for someone in Bolton or Lancaster to help him with a potential electronics recycling or paper shredding fundraiser this fall. Please contact Chris if you are interested.

  • Carol announced Foundation results for 2012-2013. Although our club did not make Every Rotarian Every Year, our average giving per Rotarian ranked us as #2 in the district. Our sponsoring club, Acton-Boxborough, was #1.

  • Reminder: Our club sponsors Wings & Wheels next week, August 2. Please be at the air field at 3:30 to set up.


 Happy and sad fines:

  • Christy paid a happy fine for speaking at tonight’s meeting.
  • Kelly paid a happy fine for going on vacation on Friday.
  • Karin paid a happy fine for being there.
  • Diane paid a happy fine for being there.
  • Dana paid a happy fine for installing granite steps.
  • Dan paid a happy fine for being here.
  • Carol paid happy fines for the guests, Cyndi’s taking on her new role as the evening Sergeant-at-Arms, for having a great time at the international convention, and for attending the installation of the Worcester Club, which installed 10 new members as well as the officers and was well attended.
  • Bob paid a happy fine for attending his class reunion.
  • Richard paid happy fines for visits with his daughters.
  • Fatima paid happy fines for being part of this group, being a Rotarian, the We Are One project, and going to the Dominican Republic.
  • Laura paid a sad fine for the rainy Thursday weather.
  • Cyndi paid a sad fine because a close family friend passed away and a happy fine because she celebrated her birthday this week and got a new car as a present! Ashley paid a happy fine for being there.
  • Jim paid a happy fine for the We Are One news.
  • Mary paid a happy fine for an art gallery stroll down Newbury Street.


  • Cyndi: July 23
  • Kelly: July 27
  • Ron: July 29

Nonclub/public announcements:

  • Chris announced that the Pan Mass Challenge is the first weekend of August, and he will be participating for his 25th year.  All donations go to cancer research at the Dana Farber Institute. If you are interested in donating, contact Chris (  Many thanks to those who have donated already!
  • Bob announced that the Bolton Fair is August 9,10, and 11 and encouraged everyone to attend.