Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Jul 20, 2017
The smile in the picture of immediate past-president Chris says it all ... the Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley is awesome!
Mary called her 1st meeting to order!
Rich lead pledge
Bob gave us words of inspiration about all that our club has done and encouraged us to keep up with our reputation
  • Bill Connelly & Jen Burkes, neighbors to Ari Schultz family 
  • Steve Jones-d'Agostino - visiting from Auburn Club
  • Sally, Stewart & Marilyn from Sudbury Historical Society
Ari Schultz Benefit
  • Bill & Jenn shared details about event (sponsored by Greg Hill Foundation).  While Ari was in the hospital, the family was having work done and black mold was found.  Construction company is helping to build the family a new home, based on donations.  Event is on Aug 19 from 12-7p at Pinebluff and will include kids activities, BBQ, beer/wine, and more.  Plenty of parking available at Honey Pot (shuttle to location).  Asked for help to spread the word, corporate sponsorship leads and day of volunteer needs
Old news
  • Installation was a big success!  Lots of nice fellowship with other clubs.  Highlights include Ron’s take off of Bachelor show to install Karin, Chris awarded Howard with Rotarian of the Year & Ron with an award of thanks for role as Executive Secretary, Our club was awarded as one of the top clubs in the district.  YAY!
  • Mary thanked Chris for his leadership and says she has “big shoes to fill! “
  • Be sure to check email from Chris to see '16-'17 year in review.  We have lived up to the banner logo “make a difference”
Happy/Sad Fines (this money supports operating costs of the club)
  • Leigh - shout out to Ron for his m/c job at installation.  Also shared that she is living inside a Seinfeld episode after an allergic reaction to licking envelopes!
  • Laura - lots going on!  Got new car that son totaled and is taking that car on a trip with her daughter to visit her Dad in Ohio.  Laura reported that installation was fun and is proud of what Chris accomplished as president
  • Howard is thinking of Senator McCain as he battles his new cancer diagnosis and encouraged us all to do the same, regardless of political opinion
  • Richard – great year to Chris and leadership team!  Enjoyed having 2 of 4 grandchildren with him for a few weeks.  Capped off summer travels with a trip to Quebec
  • Chris – appreciated support from club.  Went to Colorado for a bike ride which didn’t happen because of wild fires, but glad it didn’t happen due to intense course
  • Brian – his wife got keys to new grooming salon by Wayside Inn and will have merchandise in there as well. 
  • Ray – sad he missed installation but was having fun with his grandkids.  Catherine’s dad, who is 92, is declining so has spent time with him and looking to move to assisted living
  • Bob – reminder of Bolton Fair Aug 11-13
  • Carolyn – moved from Bolton to Lancaster and all went well (her house sold in one day), looking forward to celebration at Fitchburg build with the family
  • Sally from Sudbury Historical Society has been spending summer this with 7 year old granddaughter and set up 42 yr old bunk beds for them.  A new group in Sudbury called Gifts of Hope Unlimited for women who have experienced domestic violence is expanding its outreach and has supported several women in Sudbury
  • Marilyn from Historical Society grateful to be here
  • Stewart from Historical Society hasn't been to a Rotary meeting since he was about 12 years old - he was thoroughly impressed by club and what we do, thanks for opening his eyes
  • Rich expressed joy for all that we did this year and that his wife is now president
  • Katie went to Nature Connection last week with Ron and impressed with what they do and looks forward to doing more with RKF students
  • Jacky – sad to have missed installation but was on a fun family vacation
Upcoming events
  • Laura shared that Verizon Wireless in Hudson (next to CVS) is giving out school bags on Sat from 1-4pm, first come first serve, help spread the word
  • Spirit of Hudson (Jacky) – signs starting going up last week, asked for help posting flyers.  People come from all over the place so no place is too far to promote.  Sign ups going well.  Chris reminded us that most of our accomplishments come from this event so it’s vital that we work to recruit attendance
  • Healing Garden Perennial Walk, which many from the club walked in last year, is being combined with Ride to Thrive (66 or 33 mile routes) on Sunday, October 1.  Visit to join Nashoba Valley Rotary team which Leigh set up before staff changes.
  • Next week meeting, July 27 evening meeting is at the Randall Library in Stow
  • 3 more Wings & Wheels that our club is responsible for (8/3, 8/24 & 8/31).  Always welcome even if its not our night.  Carolyn lead for volunteer.
  • Visioning – save the date for Thursday, November 2, 5-9pm.  Leigh will be the Coordinator & encouraged folks to attend.  Laura shared process includes discussion on looking 3 years into the future to determine where are we going.  One its done, how do we get there?  Lots more info to come but you do not want to miss it!!  Our club, as many have alluded to, is spectacular and we will work to ensure we continue on the path
  • Repair Café, updates from Ray -  9/23 is the next one for our club.  Jamaica Plain has first one Thursday evening next week, Salem has 1st 8/5.  Ray going to both so if you want to go, you can carpool
Speaker Presentation  (Sudbury Historical Society)
  • This morning, we learned about the Sudbury Historical Society’s (est. 1956) largest project to date, building a historical center at the Loring Parsonage in the town center (next to town hall).  Goal is for this to have a broader reach beyond Sudbury
  • Important element of the project is relevance.  The group is constantly evaluating how history keepers ensure that all ages care about history, to ensure the public uses its’ knowledge of history in a conscious way to make a difference. 
  • SHS operates through membership dues, etc. and is not funded through town like the historical commission.
  • Loring Parsonage was originally built in 1730 and is still standing.  It is a traditional New England style farm house. 
    • Reverend Israel Loring lived there for most of his life until his death at the age of approx. 90 and was the oldest working ministers of his time
    • SHS is doing research on how building grew & evolved over time – continuing to learn who lived there?  They do know it was owned by founding families of Sudbury before the building was purchased in 1930 by town.  It has been used as a tavern, a dairy farm and town offices after 1930
    • Renovated in 1960s – barns removed but original flooring, woodwork still there
  • Timing of this project is critical because the town hall will be renovated soon and historical society will lose their space
  • Purpose of project:
    • It is not just about displaying historical artifacts – SHS is looking to create a center as opposed to a standard museum
    • Blueprints depict a visitor’s center, gift shop, accessible rest room, 3 museum galleries intended for rotating exhibits, archives space, a public meeting room and an ADA compliant elevator so history does not limit anyone’s ability to visit
    • Using this building, as opposed to building something new, is intended to have a focus on the town center and be able to partner with other similar institutions to make a campus and a destination of historic entities.  The Wayside Inn, for example, tells a specific point of view and story whereas this is more flexible and cohesive
    • Sudbury has wanted a museum since 1989 but that project fell through at the last minute.  In 2013 the idea was renewed and interested staff/volunteers of SHS spent time touring other centers like this to ensure everything is feasible
  • Many steps along the way to ensure Loring Parsonage can withstand the project and a variety of meetings occurred with local officials.  Stewart also met with state legislators and was awarded a grant to start partial stabilization of the building.  Right now, it is still partially dismantled but after a series of meetings the town approved designs in early 2016.  If anyone would like a tour while it is in this stage, please call the SHS! 
  • Budget is $1.6 million
    • they’re down to last bit for construction in phase 2
    • 3rd phase will be outing of building and endowment
    • Fundraising has included events to help raise money like paint nite, tour of local businesses, etc. grant
  • Marilyn & Stewart thanked us for our time and encouraged everyone to visit!