Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Feb 02, 2018

Samantha Gould presents from Open Theater of Acton
Opening remarks:
  • How do you get ideas for global grants?  Everyone is a valued member so bring idea to board.  One is in progress for this year but start thinking in advance for next year so we can keep tradition of one per year going
  • Katie DiMartino, who works at RFK School, shared with Mary that they are looking for help.  Equipment and furniture for the kids is need of repair or replacement.  Ideas on how to help will be coming but right now if anyone has an extra couch to donate, it would be appreciated.  RFK will pick up the couches for a variety of safety reasons. 
  • DogFest planning going really well.  Shout out to Steve for helping keep the committee on track.
  • Another fabulous Repair Café on January 20th with 35 volunteers, 70 guests who brought 107 items!  The team was able to fix about 64 of them.  Ray will be evaluating number of volunteers needed to ensure enough work for all.  Repair Café was on Worcester TV thanks to Steve, pictures coming to Facebook soon
  • Nashoba Club has been in Rotary Magazine 3 times!
  • Visioning Committee underway and will continue to zone in on what we identified as priorities & define who we are.
  • RLI meeting on January 20 was wonderful.  Mary encourages us all to attend one to brainstorm, think and become better leaders in community and the world. The next one is on March 31st in Providence.  Carol shared it’s great to carpool to talk about what you learned on the way back.
  • Hurricane Relief fundraisers going on right now.  District has put up $25,000 and goal is for clubs and individuals to also raise $25,000.  Committee is making appeal to clubs, we donated $1,000.
  • President of RI proposed that every Rotarian plant a tree this year.  Mary will be seeking ideas about how we can plant trees that will be allocated to us.  Mary has also been in touch with forestry service in Puerto Rico on how we can support that effort to rebuild.
Upcoming Events
  • The more we do, the more hands we need.  Invite someone to social at Slaters on March
  • Rise Against Hunger new date is Saturday, May 13th.  Chris shared that goal to package 15,000 meals in 2 hours with Nashoba students and about 5 other Clubs. 
  • District Conference at Mount Washington in May.
  • RI Conference June 23-26 in Toronto.  Chance to build leadership & fellowship
  • Reality Fair, April 26th – see Laura if you’d like to help prep and/or day of
Foundation Moment with Rich
  • This just in – we gave Rotary Foundation 4 stars, highest rating, from Charity Navigator!  Rating based on transparency, accountability, commitment and financial health.  Thanks to all who have contributed.
  • Mary keeping close eye on operating budget – expects you to be “very very happy” today (wink wink)
  • Chris is happy they’ve been empty nesters for 24 hours, excited cousin coming to visit
  • Brian sad that neighbor passed away and other neighbor is moving due to Parkinson’s but happy he doesn’t have to do yard work for him!
  • Rich happy his condo community has a men’s group, The Romeo Group, but sad that no one else was there (but he and Mary went out to lunch instead)
  • Jacky happy/sad that week was up & down but all ended good!
  • Glen is worried that his brother in law is having heart surgery – happy that he is close to getting a job
  • Katie happy for support of RFK
  • Ray happy to be here with all of you but sad brother diagnosed with prostate cancer (still something going on after surgery)
  • Carl happy that went with Steve to next wine fellowship event but February cancelled because he didn’t do it. February 27th is next one.  Also happy that Steve and he have been working on a community building project for a year – great showing!
  • Ron happy to meet Anne and very excited for Sunday!
  • Steve happy for Ray & Bob who did great job at taping!  They should have own reality TV show for repair café 😊Also thanks to Brian for joining Dogs committee
  • Catherine sad she lost a very dear friend
  • Carolyn happy going to accepted students dinner with son and also closing on Henry St house in Fitchburg
  • Guest, Anne, happy to be here as Rotarian of less than 2 years and president soon, our club is a good model of what they can do.  By chance, a lot of experience of Rotary event experience and excited
  • Carol happy Anne able to come.  Sad didn’t get to see sunshine while in Tampa for 36-hours.  
  • Laura also happy daughter is on her way and for son who has an interview tomorrow.  Reminder to send volunteer hours, we’re also over 500 hours! 

Speaker presentation - overview coming soon!