Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Feb 15, 2018
Shawn Smith, General Manager of the Lowell Spinners, is passionate about baseball and giving back to the community.  Their season starts June 15th. 
Guests: Shawn Smith, Lowell Spinners
  • Dogs2Vets (April 29th, 12-3pm at Devens) planning with Ayer Club & Clear Path is well under way to raise money for 2 service dogs for veterans in our area
    • $10/person at the gate (kids & dogs free)
    • Donate page being processed so those unable to attend can still donate
    • 96.5 radio show excited and helping to fundraise $10,000 through their corporate connections
    • Agility course, K9 demonstrations, Devens band, door prizes, and more is being planned
    • Lowell Spinners would like to get involved after hearing more – they’re working to have an event each week where dogs invited to dog park
    • Facebook page completed – spread the word!
  • DECA (high school competition) round 2 interviews were held on February 13 were wonderful.  Mary, Chris, Laura & Rich attended.  Great way to support Nashoba Regional
  • Visioning/Strategic Planning work continues.  Glen got a new job (yay!) so his role is pending
  • Repair Café – coordinators needed for Stow (April date pending) and Lancaster (keeps saying they’re interested).  Coordination involves keeping track of timeline, encouraging prep work to be done, flyer postings, ensuring food ready, etc.  Folks at the sites will help.  See Ray for additional details.
  • Opening Day at Red Sox on April 5th – traditional event at Stow Council on Aging continues.  Looking for volunteers to help grill, etc.  Email sign-up coming. 
Upcoming events
  • Informal membership recruitment night March 6th ( 6pm) at Slater’s in Bolton (this event replaces meeting).  Last year we got two members! 
  • Rise Against Hunger annual food packaging event @ Nashoba Regional High School to May 12th
  • Our club is turning 6 next week!  Youngest in the District with great traditions
  • Reality Fair with Nashoba Regional sophomores on  April 6th – see Laura to volunteer with set up on April 5th or day of
  • District conference at Mt. Washington, May 4-6
  • RI Conference Toronto, June 23-26
  • February 24th, Habitat home dedication with the family in Fitchburg – all invited
  • April 6th, Habitat Dueling Piano’s at Devens Common Center.  Tickets available now
  • New member, Andrew Algarin!
  • Carl shared project he is working on in Worcester.  Due to urban planning, a lot of investment underway.  Community Development specialist at Clark has single-handedly shaped direction the city is moving and giving 1 year on Complete Streets.  Carl has become the “visual ambassador” and helping in his neighborhood, with the state to clean up, create sustainable parks, public art and more.    
    • Carl is looking for help on April 7th 12-2 followed by cookout, Earth Day, for clean up.
    • Street Captains in each neighborhood is a goal to take care of each other & know how to access public resources
    • Revamp of Worcester – 6 minute video is worth watching
  • Foundation Rotary once again voted as one of the most responsible charity in the world
  • Carl thanked for time to present about Worcester
  • Rich sad for Florida and hopes for gun control, happy got to see both daughters yesterday
  • Ron also sad about Florida, excited son figured out a major
  • Catherine excited for Dog festival, daughter going to Skidmore tonight
  • Shawn sad about yesterday but ore sad that nothing to do about it, having to explain to kids – positive note gives chance to open dialog with kids and teach steps of action t feel comfortable to talk to adults about wrong doing
  • Bob hoping we can do something nation wide on mental illness, maybe NRA can help with the issue, had a nice valentines day
  • Chris sad is on way to Rotary Internal HQ, gave bike presentation at other club, gave lecture at UMass Amherst to engineering which was fun, DECA was a lot of fun too (impressed by student who didn’t say ‘um’ at all), sad snickers is going deaf from listening to too much heavy medal
  • Ray happy so much is happening & expanding with Repair Cafes, sad dermatologist had his “fun” but glad everything is maintenance
  • Carolyn happy selected family in Acton, had meeting in Fitchburg Art Museum which was a “gem” and encourages people to go
  • Catherine happy almost March which means her niece will be here, sad about Florida and what happened in hometown
  • Rich sadness for Florida but very happy got to participate in DECA.  Also very happy for his wife
  • Jacky enjoyed first 2 DECA’s, excited DogFest … a great year!
  • Mary enjoys listening to what goes around the table, what we’re involved in, glad t be  part of wonderful and powerful group
Guest Speaker: Shawn Smith, Lowell Spinners GM
Shawn has been in sports, on the business side his whole career.  He ran Spinners for 10 years, went to Minor League side of NBA but was no longer needed after 7 years, and was thrilled to be invited back with Spinners.  After 22 years, the team and park is in a re-birth mode, rebuilding the organization and its commitment to community.
Overarching theme for the Spinners is responsibility with a focus is in three places:
  • to their parent club, Boston Red Sox: mutual relationship to care for players, the field, stadium and more;
  • to the fans to have fun & feel at home – fun means something different to everyone so working on new music clips, new concession stand menu options and more.  The community – which includes expanding space to add a hotel, function space and residency for Greater Lowell.  When you get people into Lowell, they see the great things that are happening to make it a safe, vibrant, and fun place to live, work and play in.

Shawn is passionate about reaching the communities in MA and shared a few examples, that they will gave a $500 donation & gift basket to our Dogs2Vets and texted his staff to be sure they’ll be there.  They’re working with Chelmsford Club on a Rotary outing to a game.  Another area is an education program by NASA across the country where an astronaut is from Lowell and is learning more.

Fundraising in an easy way to give back to variety of service and charitable organizations is possible through a code is created and $3.50 goes back to the organization.  No up-charge for ticket.

Yes, we’re a baseball team and we like to have fun.  But we want to put a stack in the community inside Lowell and beyond.  If we don't we're not responsible. 
Shawn invites you to contact him at 
Watch Shawn's whole presentation starting at approx. 39 minutes into the Facebook Live video