Matt Ward told the Milton Hershey story.


Matt Ward is President and CEO of InConcert Web Solutions.  He is also a graduate of the Milton Hershey School, which is located in Hershey, PA.  Milton Hershey, founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company, started the school in 1909.  It was originally built for male orphans. Now this residential school enrolls approximately 1,800 boys and girls who were born in the U.S., have divorced, separated or deceased parents, and meet certain income requirements upon admission.  Students receive a full scholarship plus a cash award upon graduation so they can attend college.  MHS alumni form a network of Milts (graduates of MHS) and help new graduates succeed.  Many MHS alumni are successful business leaders, entertainers, and sports professionals.

No meeting on August 15.  Instead, attend Spirit of Hudson from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on August 17!

Induction of New Member:
Charter member, Lisa Trainer, was happily welcomed back to the club after a hiatus. 


  • Mark Trainor
  • Matt Ward, speaker 

Rotary and Club Announcements:

o    Approved purchase of club flags.  They will be ordered this week

o    Approved support for Stow Lions Club Breakfast with Easter Bunny, spring Flea Market

o    Our new morning meeting location starting in September is Colonial Candies in Bolton, which is located near the Route 117 exit of Route 495.  This larger meeting space (and parking lot) will work better for our growing club.

o    Ron, Jim, Laura are developing budget.  Submit requests to Laura by end of next week

o    ESSEX youth exchange program update: need host families for incoming exchange students.  We also need school permission before we can accept an exchange student.  Contact Bob for more information

o    UN Day is the first Saturday in November

o    Wings & Wheels may extend into the first Thursday in September

§  New Friend sponsor: Liberty Mutual

  • Team 3 updates

o    Our club is 501 c4 organization because we are a member of Rotary International.  We are working toward becoming a 501 c3 organization which allows us to accept tax deductible donations.

o    Team 3 is looking for clubs to participate in a visioning exercise.  We decided that we are not interested at this time.

  • District Membership Forum = September 10

o    Everyone welcome

o    Looking for new members to share experience in joining Rotary: any volunteers?

  • Social Media forum = October 9

o    Everyone welcome

Happy and sad fines:

  • Barbara was happy for being at the meeting.
  • Lisa was happy to be back.
  • Kelly was happy that she had a great vacation.
  • Jim was happy that he survived the VP visits.  He also may have gotten a promotion!
  • Ron was happy and sad because his son is turning 16 this weekend.
  • Cyndi had a great vacation to Saratoga for the anniversary of the race track.  She met chef, Bobby Flay, and saw a female jockey win one of her races.
  • Laura was happy about last weekend’s Pan Mass. Challenge.  There were the least number of incidents in its history.  She also paid $10 because Nanci Bishop attended two meetings at other Rotary clubs.
  • Karin was happy that her daughter is moving out and into an apartment with friends.  She was also sad that her two rescue dogs aren’t getting along.  She was happy that Wings & Wheels is happening today after such a rainy start.


  • Mary Ann – August 7
  • Catherine – August 11
  • Laura – August 23

Nonclub/public announcements: