Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Aug 07, 2018
Mary Garcia, Immediate Past President, receives a Paul Harris+2 pin from husband, Rich (Foundation Chair).  Thank you for your commitment to Rotary!

Guests - Lauren D’ Agostino- Holistic Health Coach

Club Business Updates

  • Mini project after meeting was led by Richard & Fatima

  • Still need to fill SERVICE Chair Lead Positions
  • CR – show folks where the calendar and EVENT link is.
  • Mary shared awards ceremony and how much acknowledgement we got.  Vocational Service Award, Community Service, Club Service & Engagement, Making a Difference, International Citation, special pin for service at Veterans work in Boston, and Presidential Award.  Mary is proud that Jacky is our new President
  • Katie missed a few meetings but hope everything is smooth sailing after this month
  • Howard is thinking of Ellen who is having chronic back issues
  • Richard happy for 2 older grandchildren visiting soon, and daughters visiting too.  Will miss Brewfest but can help
  • Fatima is happy to be healthy and part of this club
  • Laura welcome to Bill, hopeful for PMC this weekend – good luck to Chris!  Laura unable to attend next meeting to visi daughter in Netherlands
  • Jacky was so happy about awards, she had “goosebumps”
  • Ron got to spend birthday with Jean at Fenway, golf fellowship last week was nice with 16 golfers, cat got really sick over the weekend but seems to be recovering (she is 15).  FYI that emergency pet places are very expensive
  • Trudy is happy her dog is better
  • Bill acknowledgement for Bill Bowsorth, because when he was inducted Bill was here and nice to meet him (he doesn’t always meet is client in person)
  • Steve looking forward to SOH, PR going out, vendors exceeding last year which is great.  Happy for brother Mark who is doing PMC this weekend
  • Bob impressed by all the awards, national conference in Toronto was rejuvenating and encourages others to attend if you can (Germany next year, followed by Honolulu)
  • Chris is riding for the 30th year (!!!).  One year he got a call that Laura was in labor and had to head to head to Framingham from Bourne, Boy Scouts riding for cycling merit badge to Davis Square (12 year olds) soon which is fun to be a part of.
  • Rich was inspired at international conference, it’s been so long since happy/sad that he kicked in some extra
Committee updates
  • Social - Fatima shared we will play some games, get to know each other and relax together after DG visit.  Bring a dessert or wine if you’d like
  • Fundraising
    • Spirit of Hudson on Aug 11th – sign up to volunteer online.  EVERYONE IS NEEDED!
    • Howard shared as a result of visioning, we want to pursue new opportunities so all eggs in one basket with SOH.  Glen, Carol & Leigh came up with ideas that will be shared with Board
  • Membership – Mary is working with Carolyn Read to have a table during Open House at Nashoba High School to get parents and students involved.  Also working on a pizza night.
    • Ron District Membership (Nanci is joining to help as Area Membership_ and will be working on monthly animated videos to be shared at local meetings to be followed by conversation on how it can be utilized. 
  • Scholarship –Howard still looking for committee – ideally 2 men, 2 ladies.  Leigh considering it but will depend on work calendar
  • Let Laura know of events to be put on calendar (also remind of rotary service hours to track)
  • Speakers – Mary is working on it while Rita is busy with other projects.  Encourage all to email ideas.  Howard shared an idea to have other Presidents come to share what their clubs are up to
  • Interact – see above (tabling no date yet).  Carolyn met with Bob Anthony last week about the depression program and contacted the new Nashoba Interact president to let her know the dates for the kickoff
  • Foundation – when members support foundation, given an accolade …Mary Garcia received a Paul Harris +2 pin!
  • Polio – Lowell Spinners Game
The Real Side Effects of Stress - Lauren D’ Agostino- Holistic Health Coach
Main factor in Lauren’s work is bio individuality -- what works for one person may not work for the next person so important to discover and find what’s best.
What is stress, what is it doing to the body & how can we manage it?
Stress is our natural response to life threatening situations and ensure we get through it safely.  Chain reaction stems from our beginnings (being chased by rival tribe) and served us well, but  currently demands of modern world mean we live in a constant state of stress, causing chemical reactions in our bodies.
Media and news we watch affect us just as the kind of foods we eat.  Chemicals in our bodies work best when we take care of it.  Think about adding foods into your diet as opposed to what you restrict, more sustainable approach. 
Understand nervous system to understand stress.  This matters because changes in these systems negatively (red zone) effects sleep, digestion, skin and anxiety, conception and more.
How to get back into the green zone: meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, Qigong, acupuncture, reduce caffeine, aromatherapy and more.  These practices talk to your nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety.  Watch facebook live for details on how & why these create positive changes (approx. 36 minutes into video)
Bill Bosworth, Stow Police Chief spoke about 3rd Annual Youth Police Academy for kids in Stow.  Highlight from the week was self propelled go-carts (our club helped pay for them) and kids loved it!  Great way to connect with kids.  
Homework from Jacky - go to website to look at calendar!  Lots of good stuff going on in the community, our club can support you if you participate in a fundraiser.