Karin Gaffney led us in an activity that allows members to introduce themselves to the club in an interesting and fun way.
  • Gino Frattiloni
  • Caroline Reed
  • Richard Hebert
  • Richard Hebert was recognition as a Paul Harris fellow, for making his facility, the Candy Cupboard, available to our club.
  • “End Hunger New England” will be held at the Solomon Pond Mall, May 16, 1 to 3 p.m. The Nashoba Valley club is a sponsor, and contributions are welcome. Another event to end hunger in New England will be November 14. The mall management is encouraging store operators to participate.
  • The budding Interact club at Nashobe High School has elected officers,  and completed the certification form for recognition by Rotary International, with 18 charter members.
  • Reality fair: Rich has contacted Ron Bouchard car dealers, and they should have a salesman available by Monday.  Carol and Jim have volunteered to assist.
  • Gabriel (Gift of Life child): the doctors have pulled out all the tubes from his body, and he should be out of the hospital in about three days. His mother is very eager to go home to the Dominican Republic.
  • May 15 and 16 are the dates of the district conference. District training is on April 25.
New member:
Jackie Foster, sponsored by Nanci Bishop, was formally welcomed into the club. She was formerly a member of the corporate team through Leller-Williams, but now is inspired to become an individual member.
Proposed bylaw
The following bylaw was proposed:
Steering – This committee shall consist of the current president, the president-elect, and up to four past presidents identified by the current president, and is responsible for identifying a slate of club officers for board and club approval and for overseeing district, zone, and Rotary International award nominations.
Nanci wondered if the steering committee should include someone from the general membership; it was pointed out that one purpose of the steering committee was to make nominations of new officers from the membership. Carol wondered if the committee should consist of the four most recent past presidents , to provide for a time when the members of the club are not working well together; in reply, it was stated that the bylaw can be amended at a future time if necessary.
The motion passed.
Non-club announcement
The Boy Scouts of Stow will be recycling electronics on Saturday, April 25, between 9:00 and 2:00, in the parking lot of Bose Corporation, Route 117 in Stow.
Happy sad fines
  • Chris: happy that the membership keeps growing.
  • Fatima: happy for all the good in life; and for three new babies on the way.
  • Nanci: glad just to be here.
  • Ron: happy about the progress of the Interact club, and about the IRS approval of our club as a 503(c).
  • Laura: is going to Ohio for Easter and for her father’s 80th birthday.
  • Jim: happy and sad, that his grandson has a cold, but is at Jim’s house.
  • Brian: rejoices in the successes of the Boston sports teams.
  • Bob: is glad that plans are moving forward for the new Bolton Common.
  • Richard: Gabriel will be coming home in about three days.
Karen led the program for this week, a little afraid that it may have been oversold.
She began by collecting one shoe from everyone, mixing them up, and then asking everyone to retrieve one shoe and find who it belongs to. The purpose of this was to rearrange the seating in the room. Then we were given three minutes to find out three interesting things about our new seating partners, then two minutes to introduce and to tell about him or her to the whole group.
Regrettably, two minutes (often less) was not enough time to record everyone’s contributions.