Posted by Leigh Carpenter on Apr 30, 2018
Image may contain: 1 person, smilingMary was ready for Dogs2Vets!
Dogs2Vets Fest Updates (Nashoba & Ayer Rotary with Clear Path) – all hands on deck will be needed on April 29th!   
Mary will be in touch on assignments. T-shirts will be provided

“Nothing short of miraculous” – Mary
Thank you to Steve for his work on getting the word out (article will be in Boston Sunday Globe) & to Laura and Catherine as well.  To Howard & Ellen for their generous $2,000 donation which helps get us closer to service dogs!
Mary learned that the 3 veterans receiving a dog will be at the event which is very exciting!
The aspects of the event that our Club will be responsible for include:
  • Sky Hounds (international disc throwing competition).
  • Best of the Fest, lots of categories (Leigh & Nanci)
  • Support needed to keep energy high and make sure guests know where to go & what all there is to do.  This role is the “ground ambassador”
  • Sanitation: we have scented poop bags!
Upcoming events/updates
  • May 2nd, Joint meeting with Acton-Boxborough & Littleton.  Karin Gaffney described the speaker, who will discuss the opioid addiction crisis, as, “compelling & inspiring.”  RSVP required.  $10 at the door
  • Westborough has their annual Springfest on May 20th 
  • Repair Cafés (see Mary’s calendar of events)
  • Food packaging event, May 12th (see Chris for volunteer roles)
Foundation Moment, Rich Garcia
Rich shared with us that the scholarship, founded in 1947, is designed to promote peace and understanding between nations.  Scholarships cover tuition, transportation, and room & board.  Students are responsible for sharing experiences at their international Rotary, and then back home as well.  While the value is currently $26 million, donations are still needed for this incredibly important opportunity. 
Membership Update, Nanci  Bishop
Hometown Bank in Lancaster will join as a corporate member!  Good work, Nanci!
Rita French, from Stow, who joined us for another meeting is considering joining our Club.  Rita is a phenomenal, community oriented woman who we will be lucky to have!
Volunteer Tracking Hours, Laura
Our club has over 2,000 hours of volunteerism since July.  Please remember to share yours with Laura on a regular basis.
  • Jacky was sad to have missed her walk with Nanci but enjoyed a visit with her sister
  • Leigh is confident winter weather will end soon because her 3 year old niece had a talk with Elsa (from Frozen)
  • Laura is prepping for District Assembly where she will lead a discussion on “people of action”
  • Steve shared a fundraisier on June 17th to help cover operating expenses for Kenya project.  Was sad to hear about a relief worker in Puerto Rico who accidentally knocked a wire that cut off power for 99% of the island
  • Rich spent Sunday with a daughter of their friends who is looking at colleges in New England for marine biology.  They had a lovely weekend
  • Ray was excited that 150 guest attended Newburyport’s first Repair Café, wow!
  • Glen enjoyed working with Howard & Ellen on the scholarship committee and happy for his son who will be working at Dana Farber this summer
  • Chris is looking forward to DogFest and got his convertible out!  He also wished a happy birthday to Paul Harris (putting a candle in a scone)
  • Bob shared that he has more information about the Peace Fellowship Rich spoke about for anyone who needs it.  He also had a great time watching the Boston Marathon and was inspired at the people who run for charity.
  • Rita thanked for inviting her and finds the energy of our club, “amazing.”  Rita thanked the Club for its’ donation to the After Prom party and invited us for a tour before kids arrive.  Stow COA is purchasing a car and in order to do so needs to raise money; they are collecting used clothes through the end of the month through the Epilepsy Foundation (who gives a dollar value per pound donated)
  • Nanci is grateful for Rita and has been enjoying the tree project
  • Katie is excited for everything we have going on & looks forward to RFK’s Fly Zone opening soon
  • Ron is looking forward to speak at the District Assembly about friendship exchanges, action grops & fellowship.  He had a great roadtrip to Bucknell with his daughter, followed by a visit to his son in NY for dinner.
  • Howard’s heart goes out to Yarmouth community and officer who lost his life.  He & Ellen are enjoying their time with the Seekers & Sages program
  • Carol hapy her team at Action is helping a co-worker who was diagnosed with breast cancer everyone is pitching in
  • Mary shared that Carl Gomes has been in touch and is out of the hospital.  Please keep him in your thoughts.  For anyone who wishes to be in touch, his email is
  • Mary is excited foe Dog Fest
Speaker – Carol Toomey, Zone Coordinator (watch on Facebook!)
Carol serves as our Council on Legislation coordinator.  This group meets in person every 3 years and is responsible for sharing & recommending changes; and requires several trainings throughout the year.
Carol shared challenges by only meeting every 3 years and shared ways in which communication and decisions can be made between meetings through email.
2016 brought the most impact with a vote to approve $4 increase in dues.  These funds improved the website and helps Zone coordinators with their work and meeting expenses.  
2019’s meeting is taking place in Chicago with Rotarians from all over the world.  Rotary covers expenses to ensure representation from all over the globe.
Electronic voting now possible for certain topics, which is a 1 month turn around.
Examples Carol shared (lots more examples available, see Carol)
  • 20 member minimum – came out a yes vote
  • Research impact of club flexibility – came out a yes vote