Posted by Leigh Carpenter on May 17, 2018
Welcome to our two newest members!

From left to right: Mary Garcia (President), Rita French, Nanci Bishop (Membership Chair), Trudy Keith
Opening announcements from Mary
  • Thank you to Chris for leading last meeting so Mary could go to a wedding out of state
  • Food Packaging was a wonderful event – thanks to 4H for their help!  15,000 meals going to a landlocked country in Central Africa.  The name of the country means ‘land of incorruptible people’
  • Thank you for incredible support of Dog Fest.  Resulted in 3 service dogs, on our way to a 4th.  Debrief meeting next week and we’ll learn about any extra funds raised
  • Love to Ray, who lost his father-in-law
  • A heartfelt welcome back to Steve
Upcoming events
  • Repair Café – 5/19 in Sudbury (same day as “the wedding”) – Howard the lead
  • Repair Café on June 7th in Bolton – Ray the lead
  • Save the date for June 14th, Jacky’s installation at 6pm.  Watch for evite from Leigh
Installation of Trudy Keith & Rita D-Stefano-French
  • Trudy truly has a world view, since she lived it, it is a privilege to have her with us. 
    • “I liked you the first time I met you” – Trudy
  • Rita is a “powerhouse” who we are lucky to have
  • Jacky, meal packaging was awesome
  • Laura, went to Habitat Breakfast and was great to see so many other members.  Rise Against Hunger couldn’t have done it without 4-H, speaking at multi district conference in Plymouth this weekend, thrilled for Trudy & Rita, lots of travel this summer
  • Rich grateful for dogfest, rise against hunger, 2 new members – all wonderful things.  Grateful that Mary is winding down!
  • Leigh had a great time at her station at DogFest and shared that she ran into the “best kisser” puppy at the vet a few days after the event
  • Nanci is happy for Trudy & Rita, also happy for Jacky to come into President role.
  • Trudy had a great time at dogfest, brought her little dog
  • Bob happy about Trudy & Rita but sad about Ray, Steve & Carl.  Food packing event was great and love using it as bait for getting kids into the school
  • Rita came on board under a wonderful time with Mary still President and incoming Jacky, invited us on Saturday 9-10pm for a walk through at Nashoba High School for after prom, which we contributed.  Anyone interested in helping set up on Friday, see Rita
  • Steve congratulated anyone who worked at Dogs2Vets.  Celebration of Lana’s life fundraiser is scheduled for September 2nd at Grill on the Hill in Worcester (time TBD).  Proceeds will go to Court Appointed Special Advocates who helps abused and neglected kids.  If anyone would like to help, contact Steve.
  • Chris thanked everyone who helped at Rise Against Hunger.  Shout out to 4-H student who stayed until the very end
  • Catherine loved the Dogfest and can’t wait to see it expand.  Excited for new members
  • Glen welcome to Trudy & Rita, great time at DogFest
  • Howard repair café 8:30 on Saturday, happy mother’s day to all the moms, and a challenge to the guys to “get act together” because soon won’t be seen in the crowd!
  • Ray happy for new members and sad that father-in-law passed away  There is comfort that he had 93 years of life and was in his own home up until last summer
  • Carol happy for new members, our film got shown in front of Nature Connection, concord work space now open
  • Mary thrilled to welcome new members, “nothing could be better” – and to Nanci who is exemplary in helping club grow and represent what it means to be a rotarian
Club Assembly on Visioning
  • Steve lead a team of 5 other people in culminating all the information into a do-able list
  • We are not going to let the activity drop and will use 3 year action plan as a guide
  • You already voted so no vote needed
  • Jacky & Steve made up role descriptions which Mary will send to the club
  • Presenting things today that were identified as a priority.  We know we will get at least 3 done, but hopefully all 5 over the next 3 years
  • Will need a member to chair each group & others to help on each – have some organization in place to move these forward – a few committees -  contact Mary
Goals that were identified
Goal #1: 1 social and/or service meeting per month: committee come up with a service project, getting out to an event someplace else, etc.  Group goaled to be in place by July 1. 
Goal #2: Establish  or Sponsor Youth Depression – may be done through Interact but if not, like to see it happen somewhere in the community. 
  • Mary asked Carolyn, Interact Chair, to bring Bob Anthony in over the summer
Goal #3: Fundraising Committee to evaluate & explore fundraising ideas –  this group will present ideas to the club
  • Howard co-chair
  • Brewfest is August 11th, our biggest fundraiser but, we can’t put all our eggs in one basket
  • Howard has recruited Carol and would like 2 or 3 more.  (Leigh & Steve volunteered)
    Goal #4: Recruit at least 1 town official in each of our towns –
  • Part of Membership committee
  • Mary & Nanci will begin work on this goal over the summer
  • Mary knows someone who is a selectman in Bolton
  • May need more
     Goal #5: 1 Interact club meeting/quarter
  • Goal is to grow our relationship with Interact and collaborate more to help them
  • Would like them to own a project with our support over the year
  • Maybe a pizza night together, we attend a project of theirs
  • Mary talked to Carolyn
  • Carol had an idea to do a joint installation – everyone liked the idea
  • Rita shared that project ideas can be shared at parent/teacher conference night in September.  Need to get them Aug/Sept
  • Steve is involved with Youth Services Committee, Bob with RYLA – all are interconnected
  • Steve shared that the overall vision is to have a variety of committees; one from 30,000 foot view (like fundraising), combined with smaller ones so we’re accomplishing something as we go along
  • Don’t want too many at once to avoid tripping over each other
  • Good follow through is important.  We are not in a race to get this done
  • Buddy System under not urgent is a great idea.  Mary will be the facilitator and assigned people with a buddy (watch for an email)
Announcements from Club Members 
  • Bob shared RYLA is in need of volunteers for June 22-24.  Students run it just need to be an adult in the room, step in if needed.  Sign up online or let Bob  know
  • 5/31, new Corporate Member being installed – please attend
  • Ray under the gun on Kenya FOCUS global grant – need people to go out to clubs (run video).  Pledges need to be done by June 15th
    • All clubs have info and are presenting last week and this week. 
    • We offered to attend a meeting to speak – no word yet on who else wants us to come.  Jacky’s follow up this week will include the video