Club Assembly



The results of our club’s September 25 visioning event were presented and discussed.  During the visioning event we brainstormed about what our club would be like in 2017.  At the end of the event, we voted on the ideas that came out of the brainstorming.  The top vote getters are what we will pursue during the next few years.  Here are a few of the results for what our club will look like in 2017.

  • Our club makes the community proud.
  • By 2017 we have 75 members.  (We have approximately 30 members now.)
  • Our club is inclusive (diverse), active, and engaged.
  • We have community awards events for all three towns (Bolton, Lancaster, and Stow).
  • Youth service activities include projects with the RFK Children’s Action Corps and a vibrant Interact club that does four projects each year.
  • International projects include rainwater harvesting projects and global medical programs.
  • Our club will continue its Brewfest and Wings & Wheels fundraisers and will add a golf tournament and dinner/wine tasting events.
  • Club members will exceed the “every Rotarian, every year” donating goal for the third year.
  • Our club will have meet and greet events twice a year in all three towns.

The vision statement that President Elect Jim Stone and Jacky Foster crafted based on visioning event results is: “The Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley will continue to be a vibrant, inclusive, “go-to” club, supporting the needs of people in our communities locally and around the world.”


Next meeting on October 23, 5:45 p.m.–7:00 p.m. at Nancy’s Airfield Café, Salma Semakula speaks about the Clover Foundation.


The next Board meeting is on Wednesday, November 5 at 6 p.m. at a location yet to be determined.  Everyone is welcome to attend!



  • Brian Burke


Club Announcements:

Local projects:

  • The next Repair Café will be on October 18 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Davis Hall at the First Parish of Bolton Church, which is located at 673 Main Street in Bolton.  Beginning with this Repair Café, our Rotary club will run the event and the Bolton Local organization will help.  We specialize in mendable clothing, lamps, small appliances, bikes, toys, and dull blades.  Enjoy a free drink and a snack.  Have fun and work with a volunteer to repair your broken item.  (If your item needs a part, it will save time if you bring the new part with you.)  Sign up as a volunteer or bring items to be repaired!  For more information, contact Ray.
  • Purple Pinkie Day will be on October 22 in Lancaster, October 23 in Stow, and October 24 in Bolton. Contact Chris for more information.
  • The RFK Children’s Action Corps grant to build a ropes challenge course is proceeding. This is a local district grant.  Contact Mary Ann for more information.
  • Veteran’s Day Breakfast with Stow’s Council on Aging at St. Isadore’s Church at 8 a.m.  For more information contact Jim.
  • Health Care Fair will take place on November 15.  Contact Jim for more information.


International projects:

  • We Are One project: The We Are One project is wrapping up.  Richard has 50 boxes of supplies plus dental chairs and other items. He plans to put everything into one container with a very detailed, itemized list to reduce shipping costs.
  • The Worcester Polytechnic Institute Rotaract rain water harvesting project is moving forward.  Contact Richard for more information.


Rotary announcements:


Happy/Sad Fines:

  • Nanci is happy about starting her new job on Monday as Director of Development at the Healing Garden.  She is also happy to see everyone.
  • Mary Ann is sad that her mother caught pneumonia.  She is recovering successfully and just turned 99!
  • Richard is sad that the exhaust pipe on his car broke.
  • Kathy is happy to be here.
  • Lisa is happy about her drive to this morning’s meeting because she saw gorgeous foliage.
  • Bob’s is sad that his second cup of coffee has not helped him to wake up yet.
  • Ray is happy about his trip with his 14 year old granddaughter.
  • Ron is happy that the Patriots are playing tonight.  He is also happy about introducing Rose Pavlov, who spoke at our meeting last week, to the Worcester Rotary Club.
  • Jim is happy that he planted many bulbs yesterday.
  • Catherine is happy that her son got a great internship.
  • Brian is happy that his son played well in his soccer game.
  • Laura is happy about her fabulous time in Chicago with her sister and nephew.  She stayed at an Airbnb that was very nice.  (For more information about Airbnb’s go to  She is also happy that she saw friendly faces from our club at the RFK Children’s Action Corps’ open house.  She also had the best conversation with a speaker for the Veteran’s Day event, a 103 year old WWII Women’s Army Corps.
  • Barbara is sad to resign as secretary of our club due to increasing family needs.
  • Richard is happy about the upcoming Veteran’s Day event.  Laura will be the master of ceremonies.  He is also happy that the tie he was wearing did not have any soup stains on it.  Richard is happy that his two daughters are arriving today with their kids for a visit.