Members of the Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley have been delivering masks to local organizations, including public safety offices and nursing homes, and as far as Kenya as part of the Rotary Million Mask Challenge Tour. Several thousand masks have been delivered with plans to deliver thousands more. More masks shipped in October, and we expect more to arrive in early 2021. If you or your organization needs masks, please contact
To date, we have delivered masks to:
  • Guidewire in Springfield, MA (4000)
  • Consortium in Holyoke, MA (2000)
  • Cultivate Counseling in Bolton, MA (200)
  • Our Father's House in Fitchburg, MA (400)
  • Athol Orange Rotary Club (2000)
  • Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA (50)        
  • Sullivan Optometry, Hudson, MA (50)
  • Dr. Padma Jonnavithula, North Acton Dental in Acton, MA (75)
  • Seth Barron, Barron Chiropractic in Acton, MA (50)
  • Belknap House Homeless Shelter (200)
  • Habitat for Humanity NCM (100)
  • Comfort Zone Home Care (150)
  • Bolton Community Fund member for refugee camp (700)
  • OpenTable in Maynard, MA (1000)
  • Bolton Council on Aging (100)
  • Maynard Neighbor Brigade
  • Leaving The Streets Ministry in Haverhill, MA (1000)
About the Rotary Million Mask Challenge Tour
In the early morning hours of October 1, 2020, a cargo ship carrying 800,000 face masks arrived at the Port of Boston as part of a Million Mask Challenge. Over the course of the next 14 days, those masks were delivered to first responders, healthcare providers, and frontline workers in cities, towns, and villages from Boston to Maine, from Massachusetts to Connecticut. This effort is a story of service and leadership. It’s a story about answering the call, working together, and saving lives. It is the story of Rotary. A tractor-trailer, emblazoned with the Rotary Million Mask Challenge Tour story, will distribute face masks to Rotary clubs throughout New England and nine major city center distribution points in six states for those in need in their communities. To date, over 200,000 masks have been delivered across central Massachusetts by numerous Rotary clubs.