Posted by Catherine Hammill on Nov 26, 2019
The “People of Action” global ad campaign is for people who do not know about Rotary or why it’s relevant to them. Rotarians share a unique passion for taking action to improve their communities and the world. Where others see problems, we see solutions. This is our chance to show others how Rotarians see what’s possible in their communities and to highlight what we can achieve when more community leaders join Rotary.

Bulletin for November 21, 2019 


Pledge, Words by Steve D

Speaker: Laura Spear - People of Action/Rotary

Happy/Sad fines:

Laura sad re Doug Deitwieler’s passing; Steve happy re: Cabin Fever Fest party success; Bob happy re: Cabin Fever party, 4th birthday of granddaughter, encouraged watching Nova’s recent series on violence in the world; Carol sad re: Doug’s passing - Concord Rotary all met and walked to service together, happy about Santa letters from Northpole via Action unlimited; Jacky TY to Nanci for party, excited for trip to Iceland with family; Chris happy about successful Vet’s Day breakfast and great press for our Rotary; Carolyn sad re son’s surgery Dec 10 and happy kids home for TG; Ray sad Catherine has bad cold and cough, happy about Repair Cafe success and tree removal finished. 

Past events:

  • Nov 9 Repair Cafe in Bolton was HUGE - 92 guests, 40 volunteers including 10 high school students, 140 items repaired.

  • Nov 11: Stow Veterans Breakfast - big success and great press

  • Nov 19: Club pizza social at Nanci’s

  • At Nov 19 club social event, we welcomed Patricia Smith to our club

Upcoming events

  • Dec 5: DECA Nashoba Mock Competition @NRHS 8AM-Noon

  • Dec 10: Holiday Party 6pm (Fatima)

  • Jan 7, 2020: DECA Competition 8am-1pm @ UMass Lowell

  • Jan 11: Bolton Repair Café (Ray)

  • Jan 25: 7910 Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) incl. new members @Marlborough 

  • Feb 1: First Annual Winter Cabin Fever Fest:

  • Mar 28: RLI @ Lincoln RI

  • Mar 7: Food packaging with NRHS Interact Club & Littleton @ NRHS (Chris)

  • Mar 6-7: President Elect Training @ Sheraton Framingham

  • Apr 4: District Training  & New Member Orientation @ Leominster DoubleTree (Ron)

  • May 1-3: District Conference @ Salem MA

  • May 3: Maynard Earth Day (John Erb)

  • Jun 6-10: Rotary Conference @ Honolulu, Hawai’i 


Thanksgiving bags - packing 105 bags.  We had $1200 donated plus food items.  Jacky will send thank yous to sponsors

Action Unlimited is collecting hats and gloves - looking for an organization to donate to.

Speaker: Laura Spear – People Of Action was launched in 2017 to raise the public’s awareness of who and what Rotary is.  Awareness, understanding, interest, engagement and commitment are the desired progression. Providing the tools and resources for individual clubs to do it.  The core is a branding center so that all material coming from any Rotary looks the same and helps raise brand awareness.