Regular Club Meeting
October 29, 2020
Club Assembly
Via Zoom

Rotary of Nashoba Valley

October 29, 2020


Pledge and Words - Geno

Guests: Geno and Dave Kaisar, Emily, Elliot Bruce

Happy/Sad fines—don’t forget to Zelle to or mail fines to PO Box 322, Stow

Bob J: Happy with the way things are going, hoping people continue to stay safe; Geno happy to see everyone on zoom, wear your mask, stay distant and be careful;  Rich G - happy that dictionary distribution is set up, just waiting for dictionaries, the trees that blocked their walking trails - helped clear them; Mary - all good, cooking; Jacky - saw a bear, booked tickets to Denver for Thanksgiving, awesome fall this year; Susan - happy weather has been mild and still healthy; Mary Ann - sad that cold weather is going to prevent social get togethers; Dave Kaisar - happy to be here; Chris M - happy about weather, sad about cold weather may prevent her from getting together with friends this winter; Laura - sad about her dog Snickers who lived to be almost 15 ½, happy wedding anniversary, tomorrow is chris’s bday and anniversary of moving to Stow this week; Glenn sad about new employee being diagnosed with Covid, happy he tested negative: Ray - happy fall has been beautiful for hiking and kayaking, sad about Thanksgiving and Christmas, sad about friend in Freeport had Covid (attended a bday party in Philly) doing okay but we need to be vigilant; Emily - happy to join the group and be here; Ron - his dog Kirby had toe removed and in recovery now, happy about Rotary membership event with 5 Nashoba Rotarians involved; Elliot Bruce - Happy to be here; Carol - happy about Zoom, that Emily is joining us again, employee who had Covid better; 

Guests:  Emily - learned about Rotary via Carol - non profit that does work in Honduras, bringing patients to the US for treatment

Elliot Bruce - moved to Maynard 3 years ago.  

Joseph Murchison - works at Fidelity - new branch manager in Stow.  Ron encouraged him to come.  His uncle was formerly the Fitchburg president.  

Membership update—Recap from the World of Rotary on October 21st -  Gave a great picture of Rotary big picture with breakout sessions, lottery prizes, Rotary Foundation, youth programs, fellowship.   About 50 registrations.  First time ever virtually! 

Service projects:

  • Thanksgiving flowers:  Laura and Mary.  Bolton CoA didn’t want food delivered this year.  Researching ideas on what can be delivered.  Will discuss with Board meeting next week. 
  • Cards and letters for local nursing homes: Chris M. - hit week 20!  One card writer had to drop off.  Could use another few letter writers.  Addressed generally to nursing homes.  People are very isolated in nursing homes and really look forward to them. 
  • Repair Café update: Ray.  3x a year we invite people to bring broken household items to be repaired in Bolton.  On hold for in person events.  Events now all over the world are being “televised”.  Doing them virtually has been great for getting word out.  
  • Service opportunities and resources for Covid-19: Jacky
  • Bolton Community Fund.  update:  Mary Ann.  Had about 100 runners in fundraiser.  Birthday boxes for RFK - kids who have Bdays that month, give $25 gift cards, cake and deliver to RFK.  
  • Cabin Fever Winter Festival - tabled
  • Veteran’s Day:  Chris S. and Bill - well under way.  Donations from Shaws, Honeypot, others.  Purchasing sandwiches from Emmas, donated cupcakes, other things.  Pre-packed lunches in a drive through using First Parish Church as a pick up spot.  
  • Purple Pinkie/Dictionaries to Lancaster:  Rich - Plan for distribution for all 3rd graders in Lancaster, each one individualized.  Bringing them to the door.  Donations for Purple Pinkie - Donna will decorate a box for kids to slip $ into that for donation.  No more Polio virus on the African continent.  
  • Million Mask Challenge Tour: Carolyn and Laura
    • Masks delivered to:
      • Guidewire in Springfield (4000)
      • Consortium in Holyoke (2000)
      • Cultivate Counseling in Bolton (200)
      • Our Father’s House in Fitchburg (400)
      • Athol Orange Rotary (2000)
      • Local doctor’s offices (450)
      • Habitat for Humanity NCM (100)
      • Comfort Zone Home Care (150)
      • BCF Member for refugee camp (700)


Global and District Grant update (Mary, Ray and Jacky)

 Waiting for final bank statements from Malawi, full focus on Colombia

Rajia’s Ray of Hope has been able to re-open in Afghanistan.  Our club is sponsoring one of the students.  Bob and Ray are also each sponsoring a student.  Almost 700 kids are now sponsored.  

Endowment update (Ron) - annual meeting today after the regular meeting.  501 3C portion of our club and makes donations on behalf of the club.  5 members on the Board.  Funding sources this coming year have been shut down but it currently has good reserves.  Will have to tap into reserves this coming year to maintain regular donations they make.  

Upcoming events and meetings:

  • November 8, Devens Dog Festival (Mary) has been officially cancelled.  
  • November 11, Veteran’s Day Lunch
  • November 17, Foundation Zoom Dinner
  • December 2, District Holiday Party virtual
  • January 23, Rotary Leadership Institute - excellent to find out more about all the branches of Rotary for $25.  
  • February 6, 2021, Rise Against Hunger
  • June 2021: RYLA 

8:00 – 8:30 a.m. Club Assembly

  • Fundraising committee being formed
  • Glenn will reach out to Stow town officials
  • Catherine will contact Andrea in Lancaster
  • Suicide prevention - Carolyn will reach out to new principle at Nashoba
  • Buddy program - sponsor is buddy
  • RFK program - just wasn't a priority there.  
  • Service projects.  Almost every member is involved in service projects.  
  • Time again for another visioning process

Meet again next week as it is November.