Club Meeting Via Zoom.  19 members in attendance.  


Meeting Agenda: April 16, 2020

Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley

Morning: Gather 7:15, meet: 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Pledge and Words: Chris S.

Happy/Sad fines: Chris s-happy to be healthy, turned 60 so can shop early, lots of biking; Bob - nice time to send people a gift; Chris M - just joined when Corona was a rumor and now look. Fortunate to live in a small town; Carol T - Paper on May 1, scones at Emmas, dinner with son and family via Zoom all ate the same thing ; Howard - Rotary NV from many towns.  He just moved to Plymoth 5 weeks ago; Steve and Johanna - happy for health care workers - amazing, Johanna had her bday yesterday with a beautiful walk, can shop early, happy for Zoom  who connects to mom; Mary - ; Steve Billings - kids home and staying home more, ; Carolyn - had to furlough 4 people but probably getting the SBA loan, working with Loaves and Fishes -  happy  to collaborate; Ron - Bday celebrated with mother in law via a window, big trivial pursuit game across the country; Rich Garcia - warm enough to walk, daughter had Easter dinner with friends from New Mexico and all over which was wonderful; Ray - nice to see everyone, all healthy, zoom, whatsap, made some masks sad-only virtual miss repair cafe. On Sunday, virtual fixit clinic out of Sweden! Will send details: Jacky - Family game night was challenging, happy to be able to be helping people; Rick - youngest is paramedic in w springfield and has treated many Covid patients and still virus free, happy to meet in PJ bottoms; Mary - thankful for home, zoom tea with friends, zoom wine parties, doing well, called social worker in Clinton - needs are high and she and her friends did grocery gift cards for over $500; Glenn - happy to see everyone, happy a friend is recovering after being on ventilator, sad we can’t be together and for families who are separated; Richard - Fatima and he are making masks, giving to people they know - made 50-100 so far; Laura - dads 85th bday and doing very well - did tons of yard work, has been able to be in touch with a lot of people and even a mini HS reunion

RYLA update: Bob - Fitchburg State still saying they are allowing RYLA but so unlikely now.  We need them to cancel financially though.  Very difficult to reschedule - likely cancelled instead.  Two students from Maynard High were also going.  Next year would do Juniors instead of Sophmores.  

Global grant updates: Steve, Mary

  • Kenya - sent back for more tweeks
  • Ghana withdrawn
  • Cartegena, Colombia - waiting for approval of grants, contacted Carolina in Colombia and thought perhaps it needs to be restructured anyway due to Corona

Service Projects:

  • Grocery and restaurant gift cards: Ron and Catherine
  • Two weeks ago the Board redirected funds and approved $1500 for grocery gift cards via Shaws.  Distributed to Stow, Bolton and to Wheat in Clinton.  Plus $150 gift cards at Emmas.  He will use them to help feed grocery workers and others on front lines.  He seems to be doing okay with takeout.  Distributed through social workers in the Nashoba school district - Rotary was thanked for their kind and generous donations throughout the region.  
  • Stow Food Pantry and Warm Hearts: Catherine updated on Stow Pantry distribution and donating via monetary donations as they cannot receive food donations at this time.  Warm Hearts has several challenges because their space is being sold and also need help with fall backpacks for kids.  

Service opportunities and resources for Covid-19: Jacky (see Download documents on website) -

  • Veterans need packaging in Foxborough, filling in, Wheat has really needed help.  Hard to find opportunities 
  • New England Home and Center for Veterans lunch: Jacky - likely cancelled.  
  • Repair Café and 3-D printer help needed: Ray - June still on so far although looking more unlikely, face shields - looking for people with 3D printers - help assemble in Maynard and Natick - you can go and pick up bag to assemble them then return them assembled.  He can help link us  with them.  
Past events:

Rise Against Hunger food packaging: Chris S. - went well,raised $6K and 15000 meals with volunteers from all over.  Great turnout.  Timing was excellent, just under the shutdown wire.  

Upcoming events:

District 7910  Assembly: recorded sessions will be made available

May 1-3: District Conference @ Salem MA - cancelled

May 3: Maynard Earth Day (John Erb) – cancelled

Now: service opportunities in time of Covid-19 (Jacky, see website)

May 28: New England Home and Center for Veterans lunch (Jacky)

May 31: Devens Dog Festival (Mary)

June 6-10: Rotary Conference @ Honolulu, Hawaii – cancelled

June 20: Repair Café, Bolton (Ray)

June 26-28: RYLA (Bob)

August 8: Brewfest (Jacky)


Speaker: Steve Billings, Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL): Steve is a software engineer by day and volunteers with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), working to educate members of Congress on Carbon Fee and Dividend, and all the great reasons to support it. Steve lives in Acton with his wife and the youngest of their three kids.

CCL’s Main objective is to get Congress to act.  Marshall Saunders (former Rotarian) was the founder of CCL and well as a micro loan organization in impoverished nations.  Realized climate change would wipe out all the work so many had done to help people.  Solutions had to be effective, good for people and good for the economy - worked on a bill called the bi-partisan climate solution.  Starts on fee for fossil fuels at source in portion to the global climate impact.  Steers consumer behavior toward buying lower impact products (like local products) - money from fees go back to consumer.  Super wealthy will pay more.  

Final thoughts:

Howard - food is an issue.  Greater Boston Food Bank who services most food banks.  They buy large quantities of food and sell it to pantries for pennies per pound.  

Action Unlimited yard sale - tables for rent.  

Blood donation center in Worcester - collecting platelets which are badly needed for treating Covid patients.